• Coronation Concert Wrapup!

    We have received the thumbs up to write a little blurb on what happened a few days ago at the Coronation Concert for you all, while avoiding major episode spoilers of course. 

    You know the drill! Head on down below the break for all of it.  I'm using a mixture of official images and shots I took for this one, so you may have seen a few of these elsewhere.

    The first thing I noticed was how much bigger the entire thing was compared to last year's Royal Wedding event.  I don't know if that is a testament to how much the pony brand has grown, but seeing swarms of professionals perform live shows for an audience of a couple hundred definitely made it feel like we are all a part of something that has seen a huge boon over the last year.  I blame all of you for that!

    The show itself was mainly composed of live versions of the songs we are used to, including a completely different variation on Smile Smile Smile, and a medley of The Best Night Ever with a few others.  One thing to note, is the much younger target audience for the entire deal.  This was very much a friends and family event.

    The main attraction was of course, the episode.  If you have run into bits and pieces of it, which I'm sure will happen more and more as we move toward it's Saturday release, try to realize that the entire thing really needs to be watched in one sitting.  It is completely different than what we are used to, and really helps bring about the major events that have been revealed in the last few weeks.   Packing it into a 22 minute time slot must have been a huge challenge in itself, but they really took it to the next level.  My biggest hint? Daniel Ingram was involved in pretty much all of i!. I also got the feels, and I almost never get the feels. 

    And as Comics Online points out, we get a bit of Celestia singing . (Kinda Spoiler)

    For the sake of the event, the entire episode was also interactive, with magic wands when spells were cast, bubbles for celebration, and horns for loud moments. The entire audience was also converted into princesses at one point! You should have seen how happy JJ was wear his new crown!

    They also had a load of famous people in attendance, including a couple of the cast from Trublood and Miss America.   These three were the most important though, along with M.A. Larson!  Who needs other fame when you have MLP show staff right?

    Apparently Daniel and Steffan took over for both the BGM and songs within the episode this time around. You will see why this is a bit different once it airs. 

    Meghan in particular seemed really interesting in seeing how you all react on Saturday.  Having someone who cares this much about the show heading the writing side is awesome.  Pony wouldn't be the same without the crew we currently have!

    I digress though! EQD is about hard hitting and important news, and I have hard hitting and important news right here!  None of the staff know why Trixie only has only one eye dot. How could it be? The ultimate pony mystery remains unsolved even when when asking directly from the source!

     Overall, I really enjoyed the episode.  It could have used the usual two-parter treatment, but for the amount of time they had to pull it off, I think they did a great job.   Technically this entire season has a load of continuity, and you will see much of it mentioned within the finale.  We even get some fandom shoutouts that have been somewhat absent this season.   Try to find a time where you can really crank up those speakers and enjoy it in the highest quality possible.  Saturday is going to be nuts!