• MLP Spinoff Series? (Rumor)

    Over the past several days we have received a variety of emails containing images of a supposed humanized main six apparently standing in what looks to be a high school hall way.  As we had no credible source as to where these images came from we dismissed them as rumors until we had some other evidence to back them up. A short while ago we received a scan of an industry magazine given out at Toy Fair which details a fairly big section on MLP. Within this blurb contains information about the Equestria Girls IP that we have heard inklings about and if the article is to be trusted it looks like humanized ponies are indeed a reality.

    Check on after the break for the full scoop.

    Thanks to Zammap for the scans and video!

    Warning: While the evidence seems pretty substantial, until we hear more we're going to mark this as a rumor for now.

    Video showing article in the flesh

    Looking at the article with certain sections blown up we can see clearly the details found within the Kidscreen magazine article. According to the information found within, Equestria Girls aims to launch sometime this spring with the ponies entering our world and taking on human form! It is worth mentioning that this does not interfere with the main series! As it is a spin-off it is very likely that MLP:FiM and the new show will have little to do with each other. Think of it as a parallel universe separate from FiM if you will. As for how it relates to the movie, those specifics aren't given in this article, but if any further details reveal themselves we will let you know!

    As I mentioned, we have also received emails concerning a leaked image that we will show you down below.

    The above image has been floating around for awhile and displays the main six in some sort of hall way in humanized form. At this time we can't confirm if this image is official or not, but it is an interesting speculative view into what the new series might possibly look like all the same. Besides the hallway image, we have also received one of our favorite blue boaster that you can see down below.
    At least Seth will be happy!

    Now everyone, before we go crazy, let's take a deep breath and think for a moment. Before anyone says the show itself is ruined, please keep in mind that this is a spin-off from the main show and should not effect the show we all know and love.

    On another note, why not give this spin-off at least a chance? At one point we all faced that dilemma of giving My Little Pony a chance despite the stigma that was associated with the brand. If all goes well and the show has as much love and care put into it as FiM it might just give our pony friends another world to explore and more adventures to have. The fun has been doubled, as an enthusiastic Princess of the Night might say.