• Simple PMV Compilation #6

    Days without a gratuitous Rarity post header: 5 0

    In reality, it's probably been less than five. The days just sort of blend together sometimes. Regardless, have some simple PMVs before you take an arrow to the knee. Is that joke still funny?

    [1] Source
    (PMV) Bronies on the Track

    [2] Source
    [PMV] Blue Pony Eyes

    [3] Source
    Finale [PMV]

    [4] Source
    [PMV] Applejack's Dream (Ron Hynes)

    [5] Source
    My Little Nazi: Der Fuehrer's Face [PMV]

    [6] Source
    PMV: Twilight Sparkle vs Discord - A Filthy Finale

    [7] Source
    MLP FiM: New Lunar Republic. Honor For All

    [8] Source
    Neigh in the Afternoon

    [9] Source
    My Little Pony - Parachute