• Artisan Pony Crafts Compilation #3

    It's truly amazing what sorts of fascinating and beautiful things you all can create! When this fandom started who would have thought we'd have a hand cranked musical bird choir for Fluttershy? I know I sure didn't!

    Crafty ponies are ahoof my friends. Check them after the break!

    Source 1
    Fluttershy's Bird Choir

    Source 2
    Napping Fluttershy Handmade Custom Plush Pillow

    Source 3
    Leather Rainbow Dash Portrait

    Source 4
    Fausticorn CREATE Poster: finished

    Source 5
    My Little Pony Clay Magnet Set 3

    Source 6

    Source 7
    Custom Longboard AKA And I said 'Mmmph!' COMPLETE

    Source 8
    Luna Final!

    Source 9
    Mail Call

    Source 10

    Source 11
    Il Sole

    Source 12
    Princess Luna Halloween sculpture

    Source 13
    My Little Pony FIM Pinkie Pie cosplay hoodie

    Source 14
    Celestia's Royal Bracelet

    Source 15
    All In Good Time

    Source 16
    The Kindest Pony

    Source 17
    The Mark of Pinkie Pie Version 2

    Source 18
    Zecora Cutie Mark

    Source 19
    Standard of Equestria

    Source 20
    Wonderbolts Patch for a halloween costum

    Source 21
    Twilight Sparkle Baby Stocking Patch

    Source 22
    Discord Hand Embroidered Christmas Patch

    Source 23
    Filly Fluttershy Pillow Pony

    Source 24
    Pinkie Pie and her Part Cannon 4 SALE

    Source 25
    All together

    Source 26
    Luna in Ebony: Dark of Night

    Source 27 - Pony Rehab
    Granny and Big Mac

    Source 28 - Joe
    Pony Tie Pins

    Source 29 - Meyers
    Pinkie Stool for Charity

    Source 30
    Vinyl Blanket

    Source 31
    Pony Monopoly!


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