• Pinkie Pie Shows Up In iOS Patch Notes

    Well, sort of.

    As we reported on previously, a hacker going by the name Pinkie Pie has subverted the sandboxing and security measures in Google's Chrome browser to net himself a handsome grand prize- twice, in fact. This process involved taking over the victim machine through an exploit present in the browser's Webkit renderer. Hit up the link if you want the details.

    In what might seem like an unrelated note, Apple released some patch notes for iOS 6.0.1, which detail the steps they've taken in various areas of security. As you'll notice near the bottom, our favorite pony-wielding hacker has gotten a mention for helping discover the security hole that Apple patched.


    Impact: Visiting a maliciously crafted website may lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution

    Description: A use after free issue existed in the handling of SVG images. This issue was addressed through improved memory handling.

    CVE-2012-5112 : Pinkie Pie working with Google's Pwnium 2 contest.

    Good going, Pinkie. Don't let that fourth wall talk back to you.