• Writefriend/Drawfriend Friend Off Event is GO!

    I think I used this image recently.. oh well.

    Anyway, it looks like everyone is cool with another Writefriend/Drawfriend event.  So I'll post it up!

    ***Update: Changed the Date, 2 weeks from now instead allowing bans to end.  

    The Rules are simple...

    Artists: Take one of your Favorite Fics (Story Archive) and Draw Something about it!
    Authors: Take your Favorite Art (Label: Drawfriend) and Write Something about it!

    What do I get out of it?
    Friendship is Magic happens Once a week.  That is 6 days without no pony.  This is unacceptable.  You get to provide people with their Pony fix!  ...which is essentially what drug dealers feel, minus the money and  jail time... Right, ONWARD!

    Where do I post it?
    On March 14th, assuming /co/ hasn't completely obliterated ponies, you can post your content there for everyone to see.  Also Email It to me so I can upload it to the blog, the Same Way you would email me anything else (but with it's companion image/fic linked).  If the war has returned to 4chan by this time, we will probably end up moving it to a side chan.  Most likely FiMchan due to it's capability of housing large amounts of traffic.

    I'm not an Artist, or a Writer, how can I help?
    Spread the word! Post it on /co/'s current generals or whatever forum/chan you are from.

    What CAN'T I upload for this?
    There are no rules for stuff posted on /co/.

    Stuff uploaded here will follow the same guidelines as everything else on the blog.

    -No Porn (though Borderline is still alright)
    -No Cupcakes level gorefests for the sake of posting a story that gets 200 comments like Cupcakes did (I'm tired of refusing these these :x
    -No Troll stories Emulating Cupcakes
    -Please have someone proofread it.  I usually skim through stuff to see that it doesn't have 90 spelling/grammar errors, but during this event I just won't have time.
    -If you submit a stick figure with hooves, please don't take it personally if I don't link it to something.  I haven't really set a quality control thing for the site (Though I get a lot of emails begging me to set one up), but I think we are all smart enough to judge our own works as good or bad. 

    If you have any questions, post them below in the comments section.  I'm sure I'll modify the crap out of this in the next few hours.

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here