• How to Upload to Equestria Daily

    This is your guide to getting stuff submitted here!

    Everything goes to [email protected]


    Please reference THIS POST (<--CLICK HERE) for email instructions

    NEW: Please include an image with your story submission if possible! 

    Length Requirements:

    Multi-part Stories: ~3000+ Words minimum for the initial upload, 2000+ Per Extra Chapter
    One-Shot completed Stories: ~2500+ Words minimum.  

    Please Have someone edit your stories before you send them! The pre-readers are not editors, and will send it to the moon Celestia style if it's a mess.

    Quick Fanfic Guide for getting a quick response from pre-readers

     - option 1 => Write your piece in UK English.
     - option 2 => Write your piece in American English.

     - mandatory => Take a new paragraph for a new character speaking
     - option 1 => Indent new paragraphs
     - option 2 => Leave an empty line between paragraphs
     - option 3 => Do both of the above, which is my preferred method

    Scene changes:
     - option 1 => Leave an empty line between scene changes
     - option 2 => Put in a blank line, or a series of "===" or "---" or similar mark between them. This is the preferred method.

     - mandatory => If a name has an official spelling, go with that!
     - mandatory => Some of the names aren't written, but check the Pony Wiki for correct, agreed upon, spelling!
     - exception to mandatory rule => One wiki has "Apple Bloom", but some people prefer "Applebloom" as her sister is "Applejack". "AppleBloom" is just wrong, as is "Apple bloom".
     - mandatory => If a background pony doesn't have an official name then please try to follow the generally agreed fanon names. You don't HAVE to, but if you start bringing up a mint-coloured pony with a lyre cutie mark who hangs around with Bon-Bon, when the readers find out you've named her "Strum Awesomeposture" they'll be mildly cheesed off.

     General Tips:
    -Self inserts/OC ponies are generally frowned upon by the community as a whole, but some of the best stories on the site have an all OC pony cast, so when done right, it's fine. 
    -Don't give up if people trash it.  Anon comments are enabled here, so people tend to say whats on their mind.  
    -No porn/gore.  Shipping on the other hand is all good. 
    -Cupcakes Sequels and Cupcakes alternate endings go to the Cupcakes post


    -Don't send OC ponies
    -No porn
    -No gore

    News/Everything else
    I miss a lot of news, so it's a huge help when you guys send me something newsworthy.  I honestly dont mind if 300 people send me the same news, just go for it!

    Please don't send download links though.  Upload your stuff to somewhere to stream/play directly. 

    Where do I send it?
    Now that you have an image/fic/news topic you want added to the blog that I missed, here is where to put it!

    Email it to Me
    [email protected]

    Hopefully this clears up any of the questions/concerns people have! I will of course scour archives myself for anything cool as well, so you might not have to submit your stuff at all!