• How to Upload to Equestria Daily

    This is your guide to getting stuff submitted here!

    Everything goes to [email protected]


    Please reference THIS POST (<--CLICK HERE) for email instructions

    NEW: Please include an image with your story submission if possible! 

    Length Requirements:

    Multi-part Stories: ~3000+ Words minimum for the initial upload, 2000+ Per Extra Chapter
    One-Shot completed Stories: ~2500+ Words minimum.  

    Please Have someone edit your stories before you send them! The pre-readers are not editors, and will send it to the moon Celestia style if it's a mess.

    Quick Fanfic Guide for getting a quick response from pre-readers

     - option 1 => Write your piece in UK English.
     - option 2 => Write your piece in American English.

     - mandatory => Take a new paragraph for a new character speaking
     - option 1 => Indent new paragraphs
     - option 2 => Leave an empty line between paragraphs
     - option 3 => Do both of the above, which is my preferred method

    Scene changes:
     - option 1 => Leave an empty line between scene changes
     - option 2 => Put in a blank line, or a series of "===" or "---" or similar mark between them. This is the preferred method.

     - mandatory => If a name has an official spelling, go with that!
     - mandatory => Some of the names aren't written, but check the Pony Wiki for correct, agreed upon, spelling!
     - exception to mandatory rule => One wiki has "Apple Bloom", but some people prefer "Applebloom" as her sister is "Applejack". "AppleBloom" is just wrong, as is "Apple bloom".
     - mandatory => If a background pony doesn't have an official name then please try to follow the generally agreed fanon names. You don't HAVE to, but if you start bringing up a mint-coloured pony with a lyre cutie mark who hangs around with Bon-Bon, when the readers find out you've named her "Strum Awesomeposture" they'll be mildly cheesed off.

     General Tips:
    -Self inserts/OC ponies are generally frowned upon by the community as a whole, but some of the best stories on the site have an all OC pony cast, so when done right, it's fine. 
    -Don't give up if people trash it.  Anon comments are enabled here, so people tend to say whats on their mind.  
    -No porn/gore.  Shipping on the other hand is all good. 
    -Cupcakes Sequels and Cupcakes alternate endings go to the Cupcakes post


    -Don't send OC ponies
    -No porn
    -No gore

    News/Everything else
    I miss a lot of news, so it's a huge help when you guys send me something newsworthy.  I honestly dont mind if 300 people send me the same news, just go for it!

    Please don't send download links though.  Upload your stuff to somewhere to stream/play directly. 

    Where do I send it?
    Now that you have an image/fic/news topic you want added to the blog that I missed, here is where to put it!

    Email it to Me
    [email protected]

    Hopefully this clears up any of the questions/concerns people have! I will of course scour archives myself for anything cool as well, so you might not have to submit your stuff at all!

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here