• Valentines Day Shipping Event

    This will be the primary post for the Shipping event! Fics will chill at the top with links to their pages, and Images will stack below them.

    Here is a Guide to Uploading Fics!

    (tl;dr version)
    3.Suggested tags (character, shipping, author, note: I keep tags to a minimum for the sake of not having 300 different ones, so some of your suggested ones may be cut/condensed into other things
    4. Docs/Deviant art link

    You can find all of the rules for the ship-off here! 

    If you want to make it really obvious put SHIPOFF in your post either on 4chan or in the comments here! I've already gone through all the comments for the night so If i missed your stuff feel free to post it again.


    Everything for the event is after the break! (Click read more) 

    1. How Lyra Met Bon-Bon
    2. Twilight/RainbowDash (Untitled)
    3. Somepony Loves You Princess Luna! 
    4. A Simple Affair 
    5. Moonlight Dreams 
    6. Creatures of the Night
    7. Everfree Florist 
    8. Pony Feathers 
    9. Some Important Things 
    10. Cotton Candy Hearts
    11. Apples and Oranges
    12. Admiration
    13. Bitches Gotta Stick Together
    14. Hey, Where's the Cream Filling?
    15. Pony Love Potion
    16. Scooting Along 
    17. Twilight/Trixie (untitled)
    18. Pretty Fillies


                                                              Inspired by A Trixie Party