• Star Ratings and Labels update

    Sorry about the constant story archive updates.

    I've taken feedback from the last one and am starting the process of marking everything with a few new things...

    Star Ratings
    I want to actual make use of the star rating system a bit more.  Stuff with 10 votes will be filed into one of 5 categories..
    Star ratings will be rounded up (since they tend to do halves which i hate) So something with 4.5 stars will just be 5.  
    For things that haven't reached 10 Star votes

    People have asked me to sort things by Stars since I added the blog, and I think this is the best way to do it.  You can find these ratings in the "CATEGORIES" box under the poll next to episode download/steams

    Author Tags
    I have a ton of these tags in the categories.  I just got done cleaning all of the tags with only 1 story under them out.  Author Tags will be added once 2 stories are uploaded.  I figure people can just search by story if you have only ever added 1.  I will add your name in the actual story description though. 

    If you are an Author, you would make it 100 times easier if you emailed me a list of your stories, especially those that don't have author tags but need them.  I know Knigh/tg/uy has uploaded more than 1 story, but I only have 1 tagged for example. 

    I know star rating is exploitable with multiple IP addresses, but there isn't a website out there with stories where this isn't an issue, so try to use the honor system.  If i see a 10 star story with all 5's with 3 negative comments, I'll obviously know something is up.