• Music of the Day #222

    Rarity always did look good in that style. I don't know about Apples Apples Apples though.

    Get some music of the day below!

    [1] Source
    Forest Magic - Panic
    Instrumental - Dubstep

    [2] Source
    [Album Teaser] Filly Dreams - Jeff Burgess and the Bad Mares
    Vocal - Parody

    [3] Source
    Sizmar- Discords Fall (Original Mix) Part 1

    [4] Source
    MLP:FIM: "The Journey" by SilverWing Music --The Journey Part 5/5 Finale

    [5] Source
    Dashed Rainbows - Launch (Winter Wrap Up)
    Remix - Dubstep

    [7] SourceInjustrial - The Devil in Me
    Vocal - Aggrotech

    [8] Source
    Aoshi - Nightmare Overdrive

    [9] Source
    Nicolas Dominique - The Source of Harmony
    Instrumental - Chillout

    [10] Source
    Smile Field (Mashup)

    [11] Source
    Snowdrop (Original Song)
    Instrumental - 8-bit