• Meghan McCarthy's Twitter Takeover - Loads of Season 4!

    It's like the Comic Con panel all over again! As was announced an hour or so ago, Meghan has taken over The Hub's Twitter and is dropping all sorts of interesting stuff in regards to season four and the show as a whole.  Below the break you will find a compilation of everything that has been said so far.  Expect updates as they stream in.

    If you have a question, be sure to tweet at her with the #MLPseason4 hashtag.

    Update: Twitter event is now over.  All tidbits mined out and put below.  

    Writer is back for Season 4 and if you thought her Pinkie Pie "Smile Song" was great you are in for a treat.

     "Apples to the Core" song shown at Comic Con was written by new writer Go say hello to her!

    It's no wonder is on vacation right now. We tried to break him with 16 brand new songs in Season 4

    Episode 413 might feature my favorite Rarity performance ever. Really not sure how made it through that record.

    Any Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo fans out there? Get ready for the feels in Season 4

    He’s a master of chaos. But did you know he could sing? Discord gets his own musical number in and It. Is. Amazing

    Shout-out to new co-director for Season 4

    Spike definitely brings the funny this season courtesy of some amazing voice work by

     The CMCs get to sing and be completely adorkable

    Meghan's new favorite background ponies live in Manehattan.

    Yes, somepony other than Discord will make their singing debut in Season 4

    We're introducing some new villains in Season 4. Let's just say they have some serious issues

    Last season the Crystal Empire won the honor of hosting the Equestria Games. I'm just sayin'

    Wouldn't be without a few pop culture references. (See previous tweet re: background ponies in Manehattan.)

    Speaking of background ponies, a fan favorite gets an official name and lots of screen time in Season 4.


    The scripts for episodes 401/402 were locked in August... 2012!

    What dreams may come? Luna knows ;-)

    Pinkie Pie goes through a lot in and will make you love her even more

     We're doing something we've never done before in The key to finding out what it is is to watch the big premiere tomorrow

    Huge props to for all his tireless work on The man is a genius! A genius I tells ya!

    And that was it! Expect a livetweet on Twitter from Meghan tomorrow during the episode.