• 66/66 Days of Pony - Equestria Girls

    We are finally here! 66/66.  That actually went pretty quick all things considered. It feels like I just started making these posts yesterday. Where did the last two months go?  Not that I'm complaining.

    We had 9 months of no episodes, but we did get a movie. Ponies were heading to the big screen, minus the ponies.  I'm not going to sugarcoat history here, the first time Equestria Girls was revealed, there weren't too many people happy about the idea of a humanized high school drama.  No one was asking for it, and a good percentage of pony fans straight up thought it was fake. 

    When it finally did hit, a good amount of people gave it a shot anyway and were pleasantly surprised.  It didn't escape the trap that most in this setting tend to suffer from, but it did manage to be pretty entertaining.  Twilight fumbling around with hands and keyboards was silly enough, and it was interesting seeing alternate world models for all our favorite characters.  Would it have been better if she was a pony in humanland? Probably.  But if these polls are any indication, you guys didn't mind too much. 

    My greatest regret was the lack of a scene where she freaks out at the idea of storing hundreds of thousands of books on a tiny device that fits in your pocket.  Golden opportunity missed!

    And this scene was still the best:  

    No stream link this time.  It's pretty much everywhere though.