• Press Release for Season 4 Episode 4 - Full Episode Synopsis Revealed

    Another one of those Hub press releases has revealed the full synopsis for the fourth episode of season 4.  You know the drill at this point! Get all the spoilery goodness below.

    “Daring Don’t” — When Rainbow Dash discovers that the new A.K. Yearling book she has been eagerly anticipating is delayed, she recruits her reluctant pony friends to spring into action to ensure the book gets written. However, when the ponies arrive to help the famous author, they soon discover that A.K. Yearling has a secret that sends Rainbow Dash and her pony friends on an unexpected mission, on “My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic,” Saturday, December 7 at 10:30 a.m. ET/ 7:30 a.m. PT on the Hub Network.

    Ahuizotl (Brian Drummond)
    A.K. Yearling (Chiara Zanni)
    Dr. Caballeron (Michael Dobson)