• Nightly Roundup #829

    Are you guys ready? After an incredibly long wait it's finally here! With 26 episodes awaiting us it's going to be an exciting half year or so of new pony. So, get some sleep if you can so you can wake up early or join in on one of the many celebrations on the net tonight if you're too excited to sleep. Catch you all tomorrow morning!

    Now, on to the news!

    Tonight's Stories

    Ultra Fast Pony - Episode 42

    Some fast horses!

    AFV Posts Little Girl Screaming About Ponies and Unicorns

    AFV's Youtube page put this little video up of a little girl letting off some excitement on a roller coaster. They also make mention of Bronies in the description as well!

    WTVY Reminder That Season 4 is Tomorrow

    Our news caster friends from WTVY have put up a an article about the season premiere tomorrow. Hope you folks at WTVY have as much fun as us with the new season!

    Check out the full story here!

    Pony Music on College Radio

    Looks like things went off without a hitch at this college radio station. Awesome!

    Get Hype!

    Rehabilitated - A Comic Dub

    More comic dubs heading your way guys! I can't wait to see what comics we get out of the episodes tomorrow.

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    Frozen Pony Event Announced

    rozen Pony! The first event to take place in the vast state of Alaska! The event is set to take place in mid March, 14-15 at the Kincaid Park Ski Chalet. This timing is iconic for Alaska's most notable event, the Iditarod, also known as the Sled Dog Races! Our venue and date also takes advantage of our prime skiing/snowboarding/sledding location!

    We've rented out the entire venue, along with their retired military bunker to bring you two days of equestrian fan fare! There will be a plethora of meet-ups, local artists, Cosplay events, Tournaments with a certain fighting game, and a black out rave out in the bunker! There will also be a raffle full of all sorts of Pony Swag donated by our sponsor, Boscos! The biggest place in anchorage to get comics and cards!

    Pre-registration is a mere 25$ for both days and the rave.
    You can find more information about the event at http://derpy.me/frozenpony

    Canterlot.com Running of the Leaves

    It's Autumn in Equestria, and that means it is time for the annual Running of the Leaves!  Canterlot.com will be hosting a Running of the Leaves RP event from November 21st through December 5th.  The race will begin in Sweet Apple Acres and pass along a winding course that leads through the Whitetail Woods and on to a finish in Ponyville.  Any characters that have been accepted into the Canterlot Chronicles or World of Equestria RP sections are eligible to race.  Fabulous prizes will be awarded to the winner! ...Ok, so you'll get a nice forum award.

    Canterlot.com is one of the oldest and largest roleplaying sites for Friendship is Magic.  But we are more than just a roleplaying site.  We're a friendly community of pony fans who are all looking forward to Season Four!!  We have sections for episode discussion, spam and forum games, an IRC chat room, and an art gallery for pony art.  Come join us today!

    UCSC Season 4 Premier Party

    We're hosting a Season 4 Premiere Party at UCSC in Santa Cruz, at the Baobab Lounge on the Crown/Merrill hill! Snacks will be brought. We will be downloading the episode in advance. The meetup is from 10:00am to 12:00pm.

    Get more information here!

    Thanksgiving Giveaway Event

    Check out the link below for more details.

    Get more information here!

    Leeds Brony Meetup

    Greetings, us at the Yorkshire Bronies team are putting together a German Market meet-up in Leeds.
    We have put together a well thought out plan for the day of the meet-up. Let's get down to it then!

    Here are the Details:

    Any Questions please contact our E-mail or Skype:
    E-mail: Yorkshirebronies@hotmail.co.uk
    Skype: YorkshireBronies

    A Yorkshire Bronies chatroom is available through Skype.

    Santa hats are encouraged but not required.
    I hope to see you there!

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    Equestria Confidential Podcast

    We've got something a little different today. It's not an episode of the Equestria Confidential Podcast this time, but in preparation for the season 4 premier, I decided to go about making a little video with some of my predictions for the 2 episode premier. It's slightly linked to the Equestria Confidential Podcast, as it's a planned series to compliment every episode of the podcast where we'll be talking about the episode that aired that week.

    MLP Analysis: Are Snips and Snails Evil?

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Today In Pony History

    November 23, 2011-2012

    2011 - The Hub launches their Naughty and Nice contest and one of the official German pony comics is translated to English.

    2012 - Derpy remains Derpy in Italy.