• Brony Study Reminder

    With the premiere of season 4 just a day away, the Brony Study would like to remind you all that their pre-season 4 study is closing very very soon and they would love to get your input before that happens:

    We would like to remind all Bronies that our Brief Pre-season4 survey will be removed from our website at 9:00 Eastern time on Nov. 23rd.  All Bronies are welcome to participate at Bronystudy.com. We will conduct a post-season4 assessment in the Spring.  Also new results have been posted comparing the Brony fandom to a Science Fiction fandom!  Enjoy the premier of Season4, we will also be watching... for scientific purposes of course... :o)

    Dr Psych Ology
    So make sure to participate while you can. For SCIENCE!