• Season 2 Update Part 2!

    Class is now in session!  Newly graduated Derpy Hooves is here with some important information for everypony! 

    Lauren Faust has posted a clarification on her DA page for those of you who are confused as to what will be going down in the future.

    Here is a direct quote...
    "*clarification: Story concepts and writers' meetings were completed several weeks ago, so my role is complete. I am not currently working on this show in any capacity at this time. Sorry for the confusion. While I'm at it, folks are asking if I left to work on another show. This is not the case. I had no other projects in the works when I stepped down."
    So, what we can gather from this:
    • Lauren Faust is technically done with MLP
    • Season 2 is still primarily her doing, at least when it comes to laying the groundwork for the episodes
    • Season 2 is further along than we expected! Hurrah!
    What this means for Season 3 on the other hand is still up in the air, but like I said in the last update, after working under someone for over a year... don't you think most of the creative inspirations and ideas probably rub off on everyone else?   I would be very surprised if season 3 is a huge difference than what we currently have. 

    Anyway hope that clarifies everything for you all!  

    Also a note from Allspark on Derpy Hooves 
    "Her role in season 2 (to my understanding) is the same as season 1. A kind of 'Where's Waldo' visual gag for the fans. Instead of being edited into the scenes in post production she's actually showing up in the storyboards. I don't know if she will get an official name or speaking lines, but the Derpy joke scenes are now being planned out ahead of time instead of just thrown in as we go. I'm certainly not in the decision making process, this is just what I'm seeing from my perspective.  "
    And that's exactly how it should be! 

    Shh, all these images are from Drawfriend #77 that I'm still working on, so bare with me on that!  Every time I add 2 images another 2 pop up! 

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