• Nightly Roundup #534

    Well guys, today marks a very special day in this little science pony's life. A year ago, I was sitting in this exact spot, home from break as I was working on the second year of my Masters and finishing up the html for the third week of the December Draw Off event I was hosting at the time. Something happened that day that would begin an amazing journey for me, all stemming from a little email titled: You have been invited to contribute to Equestria Daily.

    Yep, a year ago today I became a part of EqD, something I had never expected. It has been a wild ride since then as I got to know many of you, see your work, hear your stories, and try my best to make sure things stay as fun as possible. There have been good and bad times over the past year of course, but the good has always outweighed the bad and I could not be happier to be here tonight.

    You all gave me a chance back then and for that I thank you. It has been a pleasure to meet you all and I look forward to my second year here. Now, enough rambling, time for some news!

    Twas The Night Before Hearth's Warming

    In the same sort of tradition as many Christmas poems and stories, a pony fan has given Hearth's Warming a similar treatment by taking the classic 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' and giving it a pony twist. Check the link below to see the whole thing!

    Also, have the Apple Family Reunion told in rhyme!

    Story Link
    Apple Family Reunion

    Cool Illuminated Pendanats for Charity

    Copy Paste:

    WebMaka from the EQD chat made a few LED-illuminated pendants with engravings of various cutie marks. Since several folks there have expressed interest in these, he's making them on a commission basis and as a fundraiser for Child's Play. You can commission your very own version of any artwork he already has prepared - cutie marks for the mane six, three princesses, and several background ponies, as well as several other symbols, signs, and custom designs - for $15 plus shipping, with $3 of that going to Child's Play, or if you want something custom you can email him and go from there. For examples, check out WebMaka's DA gallery at http://webmaka.deviantart.com/gallery and for more information and how to commission one, drop by http://onesourcefwb.com/userfiles/WebMaka/

    A Brony Christmas 2012!

    Over the holidays, Simon celebrates Christmas with his new-found friends from the My Little Pony advent-calendar.
    After successfully decorating his Christmas tree (with the best decoration possible), a strange knocking is heard on the door...

    Brony Named One of Ten Most Influential Fans

    James Turner, otherwise known as Coder Brony, has been named by Daily Dot as one of the top ten most influential fans of 2012! Congratulations man, you really earned it!

    Source Article

    More Pony Love From Google?

    Google recently released this on their developer's blog for Android and take a look at what is in the background there. Look's like a unicorn, huh? I guess the pony bug truly is everywhere. Of course, not that any of us mind. The internet can always need more fuzzy cuteness, right?

    The Unicorn Image Used (Thanks Shadran!)

    Awoken Done on Floppy Drives

    Awoken by Woodentoaster and H8_Seed has now been converted to floppy drive music for you guys looking for a retro sort of sound!

    MLPchan.net Contest

    Copy Paste:

    MLPchan.net is hosting a Holiday /art/ contest for artists, roleplayers and anyone with an OC: http://mlpchan.net/art/res/1752.html

    The contest is as such: people post their characters (pictures or descriptions or both), between now and Dec. 27. Between then and Jan. 3, artists draw images of any of the posted characters they wish, and by Jan. 5 three winners will be chosen, each recieving a Steam gift(s) of their choice coinciding with Steam's holiday event. Roleplayers and pony fans with OCs get a chance at free artwork of their characters, and artists get a chance to win prizes! 

    And if you're looking for someone to post your art, get feedback, critique, take or request commissions, feel free to do so on mlpchan.net/art . If you're a roleplayer looking for a place to play, check out mlpchan.net/rp

    Happy Holidays, everypony. =)

    Fluttershy's Visit

    Copy Paste:

    The models were originally created by kp-shadowsquirrel for Garry's Mod and ported to Blender by Cheerilee... this is a modified version I rigged and optimized a few days ago. My version of the Blender ponies can be found here if anypony else wishes to do nice things with them: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/animals/mirceakitsune-s-gmod-ponies/

    Apple Family Reunion Review

    Once again, for you review folk out there, there is a new one from Unleash the Fanboy. Check it at the link below.


    Vinyl Scratch Inspired Makeup

    Pretty neat little tutorial here!


    Equestria Talk

    Copy Paste:

    On the Next Equestria talk we discuss

    Rainbowdash's hot minute
    Equestrian knights by Skyline
    I'll fly higher by Acoustimandobrony,
    maybe this christmas by shane dawson
    massive smile project
    magic the traveling
    Fear of flight by Aviators
    Nightmare night by glaze and mic

    check out Equestria talk



    Successful Meetups

    South Australian Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    On 15-16 December 2012, the South Australian Brony community decided to do a huge Pony marathon with 59 episodes viewed over the period of two days/nights. The Black Cockatoo Arthouse theatre was hired for the occasion and everypony had a great time. We also watched 'Wonderbolt Academy' over livestream at 2am on Sunday which went down a treat. Sleeping was optional at the event.

    Photo gallery link:
    Norther San Francisco Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    And we're also having a 700 member party soon!
    Everypony welcome!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Cookie Cutters (Mane Six - Spike - Derpy)