• (Rumor- Confirmed) Possible Upcoming Episode Title

    I'm rolling with a rumor tag on this one until we can figure out what all goes into the Wii-U TVii service (and amazingly enough I don't know anyone that owns it).  Apparently they are listing the January 19th pony episode.  The number shows as 10, which is technically "Spike at Your Service" according to Zap2it which hasn't been wrong yet, so we are on the fence this time around.  

    I guess this is a call to arms for all you EQD reporters out there! If you have a Wii-U, go dig around and see what you can find about the TVii app!  How accurate does it usually list things?

    Thanks to CJ for the image!

    Episode title after the break for those that don't want to read the image, and the avoid spoilers.

    (Update: Confirmed

    Episode Title: "Keep Calm and Flutter On"