• Possible 9th Wave of Blind Bag Ponies Appears

    We have seen a few of these on Taobao and Ebay for months now, but this is the first glimpse at the entire set.  Chronologically, this would be #9, though the source (a random imgur album) doesn't reveal too much.  It could even be a mock up for all we know!  I'd say it looks pretty legit though.

    As pointed out by the submitter Ossie:
    - No Twilight
    - RD, Rarity and Cadence are decorated
    - New Fluttershy mold
    - Few prototypes that have been leaked before are used
    - Mr. Cake & Nurse Snowheart
    - A few blind bags are re-released (Big Mac, Noteworthy)

     Hopefully we see these hit stores in the near future.