• Custom Merch Mega-Mall

    Hey, I finally had time to make this!

    Anyway, below the break, you can find custom pony merch from around the internet!

    If you have a shop you want to add, send me an email with CUSTOM MERCH MALL as the header.

    (And feel free to provide a description to promote it, I'm just typing random stuff for these!) 

    Kanti's Cute Store
    Keychains and Charms, with some non pony mixed in. 

    Cutie Mark Express
    Simple cutie mark shirts, accessories, and gifts. 

    Pony Only 
    Simple shirts, accessories, and gifts, with just a single pony and some graphics per. 

    Brony Apparel
    Subtle text shirts, clocks, and  bunch of other random stuff!

    Steve Holt is Cool 
    Pony Pins!  Zomg

    Dash Drives
    Custom Laser engraved pony flash drives, with monthly raffles. 

    Elements of Harmony Jewelry
    Simple, Subtle, Pony colored jewelry

    Pony Button Shop
    More buttons!

    Filly Pony Pins
    I think the image says it better than I can!

    Brony Patches
    Because your clothing is boring without them.

    Pony Shoes
    Shoes! Yep..

    Archelic Creations
    Custom Hoodies and more!

    More buttons!

    Pinkie Keen Creations
    More simple shirt designs

    Moonlight Magiks
    Laser Engraved Pony medallions.

    Manely Shirts
    Shirts with manes on them! 

    Brony Tee's
    Various brony shirt designs

    Miss Allerz Hair Clips
    Pony hair clips!

    Dice Bags

    Murder Mystery Kit
    Woah, this one actually looks really cool! It's a full murder mystery game for FiM

    Cynical Pink Productions
     Glass Tile Necklaces with Cutie Marks (And special themed backs) Available on colored cords or plain silver ball-chains. More characters to come! Request if you don't see one you want! Lots of other merch too, video game, anime, etc.

    Poni Apparel 
    Basic cutie-mark shirts, with a stylized flair. Also, Derpy!

    More shirts! This really does look like the mall!

    The Ocular Proof
    More subtle shirts!


    "Pony-Posters and Shirtmotives from Stinkehund over at dA or for sale at redbubble. Also does requests if he's able to."

     Really cheap vector shirts (Like 10 bucks!)

     more shirts!

    Custom Stickers!

    Toy Pony Studio
    Pony Decals!

    Pony Design
    Pony shirts using stylized designs, with a twist (mostly)!

    3 Luna Moon Shirt

    Because 3 Luna Moon only needs one shirt to be awesome.

    Comparative Rarity

    Jewely and Designs based on Ponies!

    The New Gray Mare

    You've customized your phone from the inside with pony apps, icons, and start up animations; now, it's time to show your love for pony on the outside! The New Gray Mare creates custom pony cell phone socks, iPod protectors, dice bags, and coin pouches.  Each sock has been carefully reworked with Rarity's magic to turn it into a uniquely useful Friendship is Magic item.  If you don't see what you want, you can always place a custom order.  Tote bags featuring cutie marks are also available and new merchandise is added regularly.  Be sure to check back to see what's new!

    Apparel for Bronies

    More shirts!

    20% Cooler

    Take a guess!

    Friendship Bracelets

    Physicist, Brony, and Geek


    Rarity Designs
    Dry Erase Boards and more!

    Shirts, Buttons, and More

    Freakin Cute Designs

    Pony Cutie Mark Pillows

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