• The Friendship Express DVD - Review (Also Something Epic!)

    The guys over at Shout Factory sent over a review copy of the new Friendship Express DVD coming out on the 28th of February, so I am going to do just that!

    We have all been waiting for a set of these for a while, and I am not completely sure if they plan on releasing more episodes, but for the most part the combination on this disc is pretty well thought out.  The two pilot episodes are the first in line, with Over a Barrel, Hearths Warming Eve, and The Last Roundup finishing it off.  It also includes a the pilot of Pound Puppies, though I'm sure most of you are here for the pony!

    Have a brony version of the episode list:
    • Nightmare Moon! Character Introductions! 
    • Controversy! Indians!
    • Ponies are best actors
    While iTunes still hasn't re-released the notorious Derpy episode, she is still very much available on these discs (Which is the first thing I checked, even if it was half confirmed already. Call me paranoid).

    One thing that does appear to be missing are surround sound options.  The actual DVD menu does not include a section for any type of settings.   I guess that isn't too common in children's television, but it would have been a neat bonus!

    So why have I labeled this as epic?  What makes this disc worth ALL YOUR MONEY?

    Remember a few months ago when we posted the mysterious song buried in the Twilight Sparkle plushie's voice box?  Well I have good news for you all!  The entire two minute long intro theme is included as a special feature, with subtitles!  That stuffed animal was only a fraction of it.  The puns are glorious. I screen-shared it with Cereal, Phoe, and PK earlier in the week over Skype, and all I heard was omigoshomigoshomigosh.

    So all together, you get five solid episodes, the expanded intro theme, character bios (The ones that used to be on the Hubworld website), and a Fluttershy coloring page.  Not bad considering its only 10 bucks on Amazon right now! That's like... two less trips to Burger King.  Save your arteries and buy pony!

    Hopefully they will invest in a box set in the future, but for now, this is definitely a solid purchase; if only to have some physical pony episodes as opposed to all the downloads we have floating around.   I would have payed full price just for the intro personally!   And as with all merchandise from the show, we have already seen our effect on that.  If we want full Blu-Ray sets, we need to prove we are willing to shell out the money for it!

    Shout Factory also released a trailer, find that after the break!