• New Merchandise Recap Post

    It has been a pretty crazy day in the ponynet.  Now before I start recapping everything that happened,  I have to say how amazed I am at all of it.  I think most of us were under the assumption after the various Hasbro statements that toys for us just wouldn't be in demand at a retail level.  Here we are though, with what is essentially a "brony set" on the horizon.

    I don't think I can praise Hasbro enough, but we also have to factor in Toys R' Us.  The reason these are exclusive to their stores, is probably because this is a completely off the wall market to create stuff for.  I don't think many retailers are willing to take the risk and release what is essentially a set "for male fans" of an originally female dominated franchise.  Our hostile blindbag takeover may have something to do with it, but I have to thank them for taking the plunge.  Lets show both Hasbro and TRU that we are more than relevant when these officially release later in the year!

    I'll stop blabbering though, on with the recap! After the break.

    You may have noticed a bunch of new images.  ASM has released a gallery of clearer ones for us to drool over. 

    I still think the video is probably your best bet if you really want a good glance at the toys, but these work for now!

    First off is this behemoth of a set. It sounds like these guys are scheduled for a Spring release, but no exact date was given.  I still can't wait to see their actual show personalities! 

    And we can't forget the GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!  Now before you shout bias for me splitting her off, there is a method to this madness; She is in the section of ponies with their own singles.  While she appears to be in the set (found below), it looks like they are decking her out with a birthday present and releasing her solo. 

    Above (Minus Celestia) are the combo package ponies.  Included in this set you will find:
    • Nightmare Moon
    • Pinkie Pie
    • Rainbow Dash
    • Vinyl Scratch / DJ Pon-3
    • The Great and Powerful Trixie (Or Lulamoon, I have a feeling Trixie is copywritten)
    The entire bundle will retail at - $34.99. 

    We also have the white Celestia for the same price as her pink counterpart at - $19.99

    And finally Zecora will come single at - $9.99.
    I wasn't joking when I said I wanted an army of those.  I love glowy stuff.

    These three products Toys R' Us exclusives.  Hopefully you foreign bronies outside the USA and other countries with TRU will get a crack at them!

    All of this will be arriving in the Fall

    The Nightmare Moon included in the set is probably one of the most impressive next to Scratch. I could rave about Trixie all day, but these two are the real show stealers.  As far as I know, My Little Pony doesn't really release one-shot villians as toys, and they especially don't do DJ's with 10 seconds of air time! We really are making a huge impact over there.

    And of course, the crazy high resolution white Celestia.  We pushed for it, and they answered.   I remember seeing customs of this go for 300+ bucks on ebay early on.  A lot of people are really going to love this one. 

    And finally in the toy faire front, we have Heartstrings/Lyra.  I am not sure what name they will actually choose, but I'm sure a certain blog author will be all over this one. 

    And we can't forget about the next Mcdonalds set hitting fast food restaurants in March.  I have been told by employees that these are arriving on the 5th of March, and will end either on the 27th or 28th. 

    The Zynga thing is also an interesting one.  I have been told that this is primarily going to be a "Hasbro makes Zynga toys" partnership as opposed to the other way around.  The press release tends to dance around the issue, but I'll let you guys dig through it and make of it what toy will.  Check that out copy pasted below:
    Industry Gaming Leaders Hasbro and Zynga Announce Global Partnership

    Hasbro signs exclusive worldwide strategic alliance to develop wide range of products based on Zynga's highly popular and iconic brands

    SAN FRANCISCO & PAWTUCKET, R.I.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) and Zynga (NASDAQ: ZNGA) announced today a comprehensive partnership that grants Hasbro the rights to develop a wide range of toy and gaming experiences based across Zynga's popular social games and brands. As the world's largest social game developer with more than 227 million monthly active users, Zynga has created some of the world's most popular social game brands including FarmVille, CityVille and Words With Friends.

    "It's exciting to partner with Hasbro as we share a common vision for play and a mission to connect the world through games"
    Through this agreement, Hasbro has obtained the license to develop and distribute wide ranging product lines based on Zynga's game brands in a number of toy and game categories. This deal also creates an array of opportunities for co-branded merchandise featuring a combination of both Hasbro and Zynga brands.

    "It's exciting to partner with Hasbro as we share a common vision for play and a mission to connect the world through games," said Mark Pincus, founder, CEO and chief product officer of Zynga. "This partnership is so special because it represents an exciting leap forward in enabling people to connect their virtual and real worlds. Hasbro has inspired play through their famous toys, games and action figures and we look forward to working with a company that continually creates meaningful and fun brands."

    "Hasbro is thrilled to have the opportunity to bring Zynga's immensely popular social games to life in a variety of creative and new expressions that reflect consumers' growing desire to surround themselves with gaming brands they love anytime, anywhere together with their friends and family," said Brian Goldner, President and CEO of Hasbro. "Zynga is bringing more games to mainstream culture and is redefining how people play. At Hasbro, we're proud to help bring their games to even more people around the world. This strategic alliance plays off of both Hasbro's and Zynga's proven strengths and is emblematic of the new innovations and new platforms we are creating across our entire gaming portfolio."

    The two companies expect the first products to be available beginning Fall 2012.

    And that just about covers it! Have a Trixie eating a pinecone to close us out.   Fall is going to be one wild ride.