• Episode Followup: Hearts and Hooves

    It's Sunday! You know what that means.  Episode followup time.   As we all know, this actually popped up in iTunes way early, so information on it has been floating around for quite a while now! It's nice to finally be able to spill the beans and talk about it. 

    Onward after the break for all the followupy goodness, ridiculousness, and derpyness.

    Cheerilee sure has improved as a character.  I've said it a million times already, but I really feel bad about complaining when she first appeared as a McDonalds toy way back in the day! The poor girl deserves her spotlight! She does look a bit lonely though.  

    And once again they have graced us with these awesome new season two faces.  Seriously, go watch one of the early first season episodes and compare it, the animation quality has been ramped up exponentially.  These guys have definitely mastered the cartoon equine form!

    Once again, the chubby pony who's life goal appears to be eating has made an appearance.   Maybe he will be a famous chef in the future?  Who knows!   

    It looks like he gets all the fillies at least!

    Except for this one.   Apparently she has a crush on Twist!

    There are plenty of other girls to go for. You are way out of her league anyway.  

    And good news for those of you who like Twilight Sparkle a bit... too... much.  It looks like Ponyville's number one adorkable librarian spent the holiday solo... studying... as always.  She's totally available. 

    I don't know if this is breaking the 4th wall, or just how Rainbows work in Equestria.  

    We also got a glimpse at what starving ponies look like.  I'm not sure why Daisy has a dunce cap on.  That is definitely grounds for her usual freakout though. 

    We also get a few feats of strength from Big Mac.  Apparently earth ponies really are ridiculously powerful.  I guess Dash cheated in that arm wrestling competition with Applejack or something. 

    And of course the obligatory Derpy Hooves plug.   I guess you could also argue that she is being shipped with Doctor Whooves here (which is a pretty popular pairing among the pony romance community).  

    Video games confirmed in Equestria

    Pony Death confirmed in Equestria =[

    Caramel confirmed for straight, or he could just swing both ways. Who knows!

    We also have a few new characters.  I couldn't find a name for the one above.  This season has too many new ponies! I can't keep up! The next Comic Con poster is going to be insane.

    I don't even know what to say about this guy.  If I was walking down the street and saw someone bathing in a giant jar of Jelly, I'd probably run for the hills.

     And this is what happens when you get shafted with a Cutie Mark from whatever era is currently going on.  Taking "stuck in the 70's" to a whole new level.

    And... a tire.  Is it possible that Equestria is earth thousands of years in the future!? 

    Overall, I really enjoyed this one. The CMC's used to drive me nuts, but they really have officially grown on me. I still prefer Twilight Sparkle episodes, but I suppose the poor girl needs a break after each freakout.  

    And I'll finish this off with some music, enjoy!

    Hearts and Hooves String Quartet