• Nightly Roundup #239

    Cheerilee just saw how many podcasts she has to listen to.   She's freaking out guys!

    Have some news while I calm her down.

    Orion module Invaded by Pony

    Apparently this thing is making the rounds, and they are allowing people to sign it. We may in fact invade the moon with Luna some day! Imagine that.  

    Shakespear Pony

    Yeep, pretty random!

    Legendz of Magic Project

    Another new series is seeking voice actors are artists! If you have skills in the following:

    Rainbow Dash
    Steel Transience (masculine voice, regal sounding, philosophical, male actor, alicorn)
    Vice Transience (deep voiced, evil sounding, cynical, male actor, alicorn)
    Sky Captain (commanding voice, villain, female actor, alicorn)
    Doctor Whooves

    Hit up this video here for information!

    Twilight Sparkle is Best Pony

    Was there ever a debate?

    Pinkie Pie is Yoda

    Oh Pinkie... I guess it's not too surprising. The Pinkie interview can be found here.

    My Little Fortress Chapter 4

    Another episode of My Little Fortress has been released! We don't have too many embeds tonight, so have it below.

    PDF Fanfic Gallery Additions

    Fallout Equestria Plus
    My Sweetie
    The Dresden Fillies
    Social Standards
    Flight of the Alicorn
    The Princess Bridle
    The Magic Never Fades Away
    A Drop of Moonshine
    Yours Truly
    Trains, Carriages, and Airships
    The Vinyl Scratch Tapes, Season 2

    Podcast/Vlog/Stream Updates

    Saturday with the Brony Bros Episode 3


    Equestria Rave Radio

    Copy Paste: Talk about being too bossy! The Pegasuses are taking it a bit
    too far when it comes to earth ponies! Where do you think
    food grow, on clouds?

    Next is the amazing search for the rainbow falls destination
    as it falls from the weather factory, what happens to those
    stream of utterly spicy stream of colors?


    Queensland Pegacast Episode 3


    Ponycast Episode 6

    Brony Network Schedule and Streaming

    The Brony Network is a new, growing community where Bronies from everywhere are invited. Our main hub is our Livestream channel, where we stream episodes, fan videos, and anything else pony related. We also have a DeviantART page so our viewers can post pictures of their OCs, other pony art, or even fanfics they've written. There's also a few videos on our youtube page, including a little commercial for our Livestream. We welcome any and all Bronies, especially those who may have trouble meeting Bronies or finding places to watch the episodes. Check the schedule below for stream times.





    Successful Meetups

    Coral Gables

    The four times thing stumped me too.

    Reno Meetup

    Have a writeup!

    Turin Italy Meetup 

    It looks cold! That guy in the middle has some badass glasses.  Have a group page

    Norway Meetup

    Oslo apparently! Have a meetup page.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Chilean Meetup


    Dragons in Equestria RPG Forum

    Apparently they have prizes for best roleplayers this time around. Can you pull it off?! Have some links.

    Rules, Character Submissions, The Story, The Game

    UK Aylesbury Meetup


    Everfree RP

    -Everfree RP is a casual RP, using the Status Net (Twitter-like) base.
    -Users are asked to fill out their profile during registration, and then the profile must be approved (Takes about two minutes, rarely do we deny anypony). Our reasons for an approval process is that a casual RP shouldn't have a 150 Alicorns.
    -We have a dedicated IRC room, which always has a mod or admin that can be contacted if ponies need help.
    -Friendly community, most of which are also in the IRC.

    http://everfreerp.net/  (The Site)http://02.chat.mibbit.com/?server=irc.esper.net&channel=%23EverfreeRP (IRC)
    http://celerypony.deviantart.com/ (The Deviant art of our mod, who has offered to do pictures.)

    Mardi Gras Meetup

    Join up with some fellow bronies and have a fun, not crazy Mardi Gras. Attend the parade of the King of Mardi Gras, then head down to the Lake front for an afternoon of games and fun!
    When: Tuesday, February 21st
    Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/365134510163484/
    Forum: http://forums.rainbowdash.com/index.php/topic,185.0.html "


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Twilight Beanie plush
    Crochet Derpy
    Applejack Scarf
    Derpy Plush


    1. You Derp'd the McDonald's link Seth

    2. Goood morning everypony - Nightly Roundup at 9 AM.

    3. That Twilight montage was awesome.

      By the way, what are the exact criteria for a story being 6-Star? Article 2 has reached 4.9

    4. Those poor foals. They won't realize what they have done until their inbox is destroyed by everypony wanting to ask Pinkie Pie a question

    5. Holy Crap. Mardi Gras Meetup!!! I'm definitely going!!!

    6. I asked Pinkie Pie a question a few days ago, while also directly asking the people who run the site to fix the Yoda problem.

    7. That NASA Orion module. I sure hope we go back to the moon in my lifetime.

    8. SAVE THE DATE! March 9th is when Pinkie Pie's answers start getting published. I bet you anything they won't publish questions they know came from bronies.

    9. NOOO Applejack!! For the love of Celestia don't take those beads!

    10. Twilight Sparkle is Best Pony: I would very much like this to become a fad, like thos "When I'm X" videos.

      Pinkie Pie is Yoda: Type your question for Yoda here? Nice to see you double-checked everything, McDonalds. Anyway, if I wanted to ask Pinkie a question I'd just hit up a tumblr ask blog. That way I'll even get a nice drawing if my question is selected :P.

    11. Fallout Equestria Plus?

      Twilight really is the best pony.

    12. Thanks for another great roundup Seth!

    13. I asked Pinkie a lightsaber-related question. It's not as crazy as it sounds, or is it?

    14. Hnnng I'm so excited for Ponies at McD's. Also, Yoda Pinkie is hilarious

    15. I just asked Mcdonald's Pinkie if I could get a Chimicherrychanga burger lol. Also, I smell a new fad is in it's way.

    16. Pretty awesome they're letting anyone sign that Orion module. Besides something about Luna. I may have also said something along the lines of; "You guys ain't gonna find any banana's, on THE MOOOOONNNNAAAAAA!" Over-played, I know. But still funny. :P

      The My Little Pony: Shakespeare is Tragic play was certainly something interesting to watch. I liked it. Was funny and entertaining. Spreading those ponies and love. One school play at a time. ;)

      Oh, the Pony Sauce video... love it. First thing that came to mind when I saw that video was this. It's still funny to me. Twilight started out as my least favorite of the main six. Now she's moved her way up to second or third place for me. :D Adorkable little Twilight.

      A bunch of Bronies asking Pinkie Pie question on the Happy Meal site? Oh boy... not sure if end well. lol

      So many podcasts, my goodness. Maybe it's just me, but they really seem to be getting out of hoof lately.

      Mardi Gras Meetup? Jeez, that sounds like a lot of fun. I'd love to attend that. If only I wasn't so far away.

    17. Dat Pony Sauce video. It makes me so happy.

      So, Orion module....you like bananas?

    18. Dear Pinkie Pie,

      Are you concerned that you may be promoting unhealthy eating habits and childhood obesity by consuming copious amounts of junk food like candy, cupcakes, muffins, cakes, chocolate milk, cotton candy, and cider on a show for kids?

    19. What's the source for the Mardi Gra Applejack image?

      I would go if it was on the Northshore, I don't like going into New Orleans and risking getting shot, stabbed, mugged, etc., or beat by the police cause I was on the wrong street corner at the wrong time. They beat-up some helpless old dude a few years ago. Real shame I have to worry about that stuff. There are so many nice things to do there.

      But anyway... enjoy your trip if you go! xD

    20. That Italian brony meetup looks so funny and cold!
      For all the Italian bronies i say:ciao a tutti!

    21. I just hope I don't miss any brony meetup in Milan. It would still be quite a problem to get there though...and also I hope I'll have time to go.

    22. I like the Twilight is the best pony thing wish they would make that for each of the ponies so we could have our favorite too.

    23. I asked to her: "What store do you go to when you plan parties?"

      Then I realized that there's no Party City yet-to-open in Equestria, yet.

    24. Wow, when was the last time we had a roundup that long?

    25. Just wait till you see the size of the Canberra meetup we had last night, We're just still getting around to compositing all the things we made/recorded

    26. That Twilight montage should be a commercial on the Hub.

    27. That was an awesome montage Twilight is moving higher on my pony list every day

    28. "Uh, beg pardon but...we don't normally wear clothes." That's the first thing I thought of when I saw that picture. Well...second thing.

      First thing was 'where can I buy beads around here this time of day?'

    29. Aylesbury? UK?

      Dude, I used to live in Wendover! Just a 15 minute train ride there! I used to go to school in AY, and I spent all of my weekends there upsetting Friars Square security by skateboarding through the shopping center (good times)

      Shame that I moved to the States 4 years ago, I would've attended.

    30. This comment has been removed by the author.

    31. As one of the people in the Coral Gables picture, it was taken four times was because that's the default setting on a Mac...we didn't actually have a camera with us that day, only my Macbook Pro XD

      What stumps ME is that we took the picture again with a SINGLE shot setting, and the person who sent it in didn't pick that one....

      (The removal is what happens when you've never commented on this sorta thing before XD )

      EDIT: Turns out they picked it because all the single pictures had errors in them. Silly Juan, ruining out pictures....

    32. That makes no sense, Luna is no longer on the moon.

    33. Where is the interview? I looked at the whole Happy Meal site and I only saw the toys, but no interview.

    34. whoa actual Florida/Miami bronies i need to stop ninja hiding in the shadows less im also a Miami brony i should of known about this meet up.

    35. Whoo! Reno Brony meetup was awesome. Hope to do it again sometime!

    36. I wouldn't be surprised if Luna made it to the moon someday (assuming we actually go back in the foreseeable future, but that's an argument for another website). After all, we've had Charlie Brown, StarCraft, and a lightsaber in space; an alicorn moon goddess wouldn't be much of a leap.

      Oh, my. It's like "A Sound of Thunder" crossed with Bill and Ted. Delicious randomness, indeed!

      Pinkie = Yoda? Maybe, on a mountain of tranquilizers. I predict this will end, at best, completely under the radar; at worst, only slightly better than the #McDStories debacle.

    37. Oh gosh! I was totally waiting for this: an italian meetup!!

    38. Had to leave early, missed the opportunity to appear on Equestria Daily. DANG IT! Anyway, I was there with the other bronies in Turin, and yes, it was bucking cold.

    39. We had even non bronies compliment us on the Shakspeare/pony musical! Hopefully we inspired them to watch the show! If so we did our jobs.