• Nightly Roundup #239

    Cheerilee just saw how many podcasts she has to listen to.   She's freaking out guys!

    Have some news while I calm her down.

    Orion module Invaded by Pony

    Apparently this thing is making the rounds, and they are allowing people to sign it. We may in fact invade the moon with Luna some day! Imagine that.  

    Shakespear Pony

    Yeep, pretty random!

    Legendz of Magic Project

    Another new series is seeking voice actors are artists! If you have skills in the following:

    Rainbow Dash
    Steel Transience (masculine voice, regal sounding, philosophical, male actor, alicorn)
    Vice Transience (deep voiced, evil sounding, cynical, male actor, alicorn)
    Sky Captain (commanding voice, villain, female actor, alicorn)
    Doctor Whooves

    Hit up this video here for information!

    Twilight Sparkle is Best Pony

    Was there ever a debate?

    Pinkie Pie is Yoda

    Oh Pinkie... I guess it's not too surprising. The Pinkie interview can be found here.

    My Little Fortress Chapter 4

    Another episode of My Little Fortress has been released! We don't have too many embeds tonight, so have it below.

    PDF Fanfic Gallery Additions

    Fallout Equestria Plus
    My Sweetie
    The Dresden Fillies
    Social Standards
    Flight of the Alicorn
    The Princess Bridle
    The Magic Never Fades Away
    A Drop of Moonshine
    Yours Truly
    Trains, Carriages, and Airships
    The Vinyl Scratch Tapes, Season 2

    Podcast/Vlog/Stream Updates

    Saturday with the Brony Bros Episode 3


    Equestria Rave Radio

    Copy Paste: Talk about being too bossy! The Pegasuses are taking it a bit
    too far when it comes to earth ponies! Where do you think
    food grow, on clouds?

    Next is the amazing search for the rainbow falls destination
    as it falls from the weather factory, what happens to those
    stream of utterly spicy stream of colors?


    Queensland Pegacast Episode 3


    Ponycast Episode 6

    Brony Network Schedule and Streaming

    The Brony Network is a new, growing community where Bronies from everywhere are invited. Our main hub is our Livestream channel, where we stream episodes, fan videos, and anything else pony related. We also have a DeviantART page so our viewers can post pictures of their OCs, other pony art, or even fanfics they've written. There's also a few videos on our youtube page, including a little commercial for our Livestream. We welcome any and all Bronies, especially those who may have trouble meeting Bronies or finding places to watch the episodes. Check the schedule below for stream times.





    Successful Meetups

    Coral Gables

    The four times thing stumped me too.

    Reno Meetup

    Have a writeup!

    Turin Italy Meetup 

    It looks cold! That guy in the middle has some badass glasses.  Have a group page

    Norway Meetup

    Oslo apparently! Have a meetup page.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Chilean Meetup


    Dragons in Equestria RPG Forum

    Apparently they have prizes for best roleplayers this time around. Can you pull it off?! Have some links.

    Rules, Character Submissions, The Story, The Game

    UK Aylesbury Meetup


    Everfree RP

    -Everfree RP is a casual RP, using the Status Net (Twitter-like) base.
    -Users are asked to fill out their profile during registration, and then the profile must be approved (Takes about two minutes, rarely do we deny anypony). Our reasons for an approval process is that a casual RP shouldn't have a 150 Alicorns.
    -We have a dedicated IRC room, which always has a mod or admin that can be contacted if ponies need help.
    -Friendly community, most of which are also in the IRC.

    http://everfreerp.net/  (The Site)http://02.chat.mibbit.com/?server=irc.esper.net&channel=%23EverfreeRP (IRC)
    http://celerypony.deviantart.com/ (The Deviant art of our mod, who has offered to do pictures.)

    Mardi Gras Meetup

    Join up with some fellow bronies and have a fun, not crazy Mardi Gras. Attend the parade of the King of Mardi Gras, then head down to the Lake front for an afternoon of games and fun!
    When: Tuesday, February 21st
    Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/365134510163484/
    Forum: http://forums.rainbowdash.com/index.php/topic,185.0.html "


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Twilight Beanie plush
    Crochet Derpy
    Applejack Scarf
    Derpy Plush

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