• Story Updates February 12th (Morning)

    Have some really late story updates!

    Story: Higher Flier OR My Little Blackbird (Update Story 2 Part 2!)

    [Comedy] [Sad]

    Author: Ernest 'Admiral Tigerclaw' Hart
    Description: Confusion follows after a miserable pegasus is rescued from a nasty fall. It seems she can travel great distances in a very short amount of time, but doesn't feel she's fast at all. The inconsistency of the situation drives Rainbow Dash up the wall trying to figure it out, leading to a near disasterous race, and finally, a flight she'll never forget.
    Higher Flier

    Story: The Steadfast Sky (Update Part 15+16!)

    [Adventure][Friendshipping] Remember when stories used to have witty blog author or pre-reader quotes to go along with them? Yeah, me neither.

    Author: The Grey Potter
    Description: Celestia, Luna, and Discord grow into their godhood by unearthing the Elements of Harmony and using them to fight an evil tyrant ruling over Equestria. But there are some demons the team’s friendship cannot overcome.
    The Steadfast Sky


    Story: Luna's Descent (Update Part 2!)


    Author: Fluttershy Oakley
    Description: A brief description of the night preceding Luna's tragic transformation into the wicked mare of darkness. The myth of old has left out a few vital details that must be made abundantly clear!
    Luna's Descent

    Story: Rampant (Update Part 2!)


    Author: Vehlek
    Description: Some kind of illness has swept across the land, infecting every pony alive or dead with a bloodlust never seen in ponies' history. Canterlot lies burning, but the fates of Celestia and Luna are unknown. Society lies altered, a new culture having risen from the loss of a central government.

    Twilight Sparkle wakes up in a tomb nearly twenty years after her burial, and she's told she and her dear old friends are the only ones that can do something about the bloodlust. They've also changed, however, and Equestria by now may be irredeemable.

    Story: Fandom Crisis! (Update Part 5!)

    [Crossover][Adventure][Sci-fi][Slightly Dark] It's pretty much everything!

    Author: Mr. Boltitude
    Description: Nyx has been having horrible nightmares. A tall faceless pony
    stalks her in her dreams. Then one morning, a crazy stallion in a blue
    box crashes into the library saying he has a solution. Little does
    anypony know her dreams are terribly real, and will lead to an
    adventure unlike any other.
    Fandom Crisis!

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