• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 8

    I kind of cheated today; you'll see this image again in the actual gallery. I don't mean for it to look like I'm playing favorites (I'm not), I just really like the sketchy look for these posts, and I fail hard at image searches. Especially after a week of not sleeping due to this event. I think I might be too heavily invested in it for my own good. Oh well! My body can take the hit in the name of ponies. That pillow pile, though. So tempttzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    - an hour later - Wha huh? Oh. Right. Where was I? It's been another extremely enthusiastic day for responses. 199 sleepers and dreamers. Remember once again, submission guidelines and... um... stuff. Man those pillows look nice. Don't they? Wow those are nice pillows. Scoot over, Fluttershy.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony with bedmane. All those sleepy ponies just woke up. Were they tossing and turning? Fighting off a bad hangover? Just escaped from the Grand Galloping Gala? I bet there's all sorts of interesting stories you could tell with a simple little theme like that...

    So as it turns out you guys are like 15 steps ahead of me. I keep trying to be clever with these themes, and you just keep stepping it up and up and up to exceed my expectations. Perhaps befitting of a day so chock full of Inception references, my mind is nothing but powder. Also, as I've now gotten like... 7 or 8 requests for references on how to draw me as a pony (I've been asked this so many times in so many different contexts, is that weird?), just draw a nice plain white pegasus. The lead-in image from yesterday's gallery works as a reference. Go nuts. Or don't. Something. I don't make sense anymore. Enter Sandman below...

    -edit- Don't let all the "I'm tired" comments fool you, I'm still having so much fun working with this event. You're all the bestest students a Blogprincess could ask for. Celestia made me amend my title before she would let me come down from the moon. Meanie.

    1) By Ethrx (Much better. Learn to flatter the right overlord for the right situation.)

    2) By Anakah

    3) By Moogie

    4) By DJ Rainbow Dash (When I call you Derpy, I mean it with all the love in my heart. You know that... right?)

    5) By eariesmile

    6) By Milk (HAHAHA, X-Ponies! Welcome to derp!)

    7) By ChaosDrop

    8) By Zu Kraze

    9) By Tanman (Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker references. Why not?)

    10) By PandaRoux

    11) By Thanqol

    12) By Mellowbloom (This is the best origin story for Vinyl Scratch ever.)

    13) By Infinity Dash

    14) By Fish0and0chips

    15) By blindferret (You musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling)

    16) By Smock

    17) By ParallaxMLP (This has all sorts of interesting implications.)

    18) By Stabbercube

    19) By FrostV952

    20) By Emerald Dust

    21) By Tarynsgate

    22) By Damian Foxx

    23) By Inspiration

    24) By Twilight360

    25) By Francis lead_hooves Romero

    26) By Konig (They fly so high, nearly reach the sky, then like my dreams they...)

    27) By Alleen

    28) By c0sm0

    29) By A. Bernard

    30) By Nido Media (Madmax reference at 9 o'clock!)

    31) By Partition

    32) By midnightshadow

    33) By Oghma

    34) By Knightly (D'aww, the little queen of evil is sleeping.)

    35) By Squidbombed

    36) By Eliwood10

    37) By Sherlock Hooves (Remember, kids! Good hygiene starts with a positive mindset!)

    38) By FoxOfWar

    39) By Natry

    40) By Pony Stark (I was having the strangest dream...)

    41) By Dragon Rage

    42) By Shinmera (Dreaming of muffins.)

    43) By Don_ko (This is absurdly adorable.)

    44) By Mister Bristle

    45) By Mr. Wonko

    46) By Lorina

    47) By Gadget

    48) By Goldfish (Dreams feel real when we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange)

    49) By niki

    50) By PenguinPlayer

    51) By Doc Steedly

    52) By Supersheep64

    53) By rich-tea (If we are gonna perform inception then we need imagination.)

    54) By MSLynk

    55) By Circuit Mane (This pony is having confusing dreams.)

    56) By loveapplemint

    57) By Pineapple Skitter

    58) By Quantum

    59) By PonyLover (I don't remember any more Inception quotes.)

    60) By Brongaar

    61) By Bravura (<3)

    62) By Chromadancer

    63) By Doctor Whoof Fanatic

    64) By EpsillonXD

    65) By Erthilo

    66) By Lancer5317

    67) By Shiko

    68) By Evisk (Damn it, Cobb.)

    69) By Amehdaus (Warning. High levels of sauce detected. Also Blueblood.)
    Linked for potential objectionability.

    70) By Shockwave

    71) By EssAeEm

    72) By Ori

    73) By Chris

    74) By Dangereaux (Apparently this is the best dream ever.)

    75) By Da Chi (*applause*)

    76) By Mere Jump

    77) By Easteu

    78) By Blueberry Muffin

    79) By unholyhen

    80) By Moongaze (H-how did)

    81) By Spark (you guys)

    82) By Kitty Tail (do this? o.o)

    83)By Quill (My mind is blown.)

    84) By Invidlord

    85) By Nullh

    86) By loz

    87) By Paintroller and Becky

    88) By Kitsune

    89) By Jdan-S

    90) By Tarragon

    91) By Cammy (Somepony's little sister drew this. I'm not crushing her dream by cutting it.)

    92) By Roper

    93) By Ash (Arg! My brain!)

    94) By ecmc1093

    95) By Rachel

    96) By Spiritofthwwolf

    97) By scio

    98) By The Obsessor

    99) By Buddy Vox

    100) By Illumina

    101) By Ego (...Never ever stop drawing fillies. You hear me?)

    102) By PinkiePied

    103) By Andï

    104) By Zach (First she has to learn her special talent doesn't involve sewing.)

    105) By Rai-dash

    106) By Trot Pilgrim

    107) By Omega RKB

    108) By lolstaz

    109) By DCPIP (Am I Derpy dreaming on a cloud? Or am I... Derpy... daydreamig I)

    110) By Starlight Bolt

    111) By DarkMemories

    112) By Condor

    113) By Gear X. Machina (...Damn. We should have let her win.)

    114) By Tam

    115) By DiZaster321

    116) By The Flying Tomato

    117) By badzerg

    118) By Fetchbeer

    119) By Pegasus Leo

    120) By Latverian_Ponyfan_2993

    121) By Djrk16 (Well duh, Twilight. She wanted her little sister back.)

    122) By Alipes

    123) By Prismatic Pretzel

    124) By Infinity

    125) By kits (The idea of shared dreams is so romantic. *sigh*)

    126) By Relias

    127) By Ricky

    128) By Sapphire

    129) By BronyQuest (Twilight, you so adorkable.)

    130) By Atlur

    131) By rkr7

    132) By Riokenn

    133) By Professor Basil (Title: The Persistence of Muffins)

    134) By Goggle Sparks

    135) By MasterofRoku

    136) By Mournblade (...Arg!)

    137) By Lucky

    138) By Shake

    139) By Kelz

    140) By Kt Kat (I can't decide if the dream or the dreamer is cuter.)

    141) By Uncle Leo

    142) By Issy

    143) By Fox E: (Yup. Still terrifying. And I'm not even a unicorn.)

    144) By Destroyerbaby

    145) By Coquette

    146) By Canadian Bacon

    147) By Panda_Instinct

    148) By AlterForm (You can find a version of this with creator commentary on the artist's DA page. User name AltrForm.)

    149) By Silver Shine (I like this one. I like this one a lot.)

    150) By Rydel

    151) By ProjectFreeism

    152) By usernr333

    153) By Drilltooth

    154) By Aeiou (Oh, Applejack. You really need a therapist.)

    155) By Syggie

    156) By Immersa

    157) By Tenchi Outsuno (Calling it now, this is Seth's favorite.)

    158) By toonboy92484

    159) By Macon Mixx

    160) By James Lyons

    161) By Filiecs

    162) By redcladhero (...Oh dear. Lyra, what have you been up to?)

    163) By Frith

    164) By Muffinsforever (No, Pinkie Cobb. We've gone deep enough. Where am I? Where's my totem?)

    165) By CreatorOfPony

    166) By 4Tens

    167) By Arion

    168) By Virga Rainboom (Well... that was unexpected.)

    169) By A Terrible Person

    170) By Periphery (GASP!)

    171) By DessertFox

    172) By SiuiS

    173) By Alleydodger

    174) By Rraden

    175) By TopoCruz

    176) By TapeDiggity (Why do all these ponies dream about work? That's not healthy, Rarity.)

    177) By Lunawings

    178) By Liska (This? This is beautiful.)

    179) By Phantom G

    180) By Saphin

    181) By StarStep

    182) By Starlite

    183) By Kooldude

    184) By zorg

    185) By The Recliner (Gilda as the Tin Man? Fantastic.)

    186) By Neoridgeback

    187) By 8ftmetalhead

    188) By k9saurus (Nyan nyan nyan derp hao nyan)

    189) By K9saurus

    190) By djTeka

    191) By Entropy (Repeating this thought. Shared dreams. So romantic. <3)

    192) By nuclearsuplexattack

    193) By Spurs

    194) By Leaf Growth

    195) By DJ RBDash

    196) By Eeful

    197) By Thattagen

    198) By Avohkah Tamer

    199) By Lunchmonkey

    200) By Luna

    201) By Strawberry Spice

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