• Fighting is Magic Losing Big Time in EVO Charity Event!

    It looks like we have some serious competition over at the EVO 2013 donation drive.   A few days ago pony was dominating, but today both Skullgirls and Super Smash Brothers Melee have completely trounced it. 

    I'm going to start off with a bit of a clarification on the rules change that was edited into the previous post. For various reasons, Fighting is Magic was dropped from it's chances at top eight, and shifted over to the something else entirely. If it wins, there will be an exhibition tournament, with the top 8 players battling it out for a $1000 cashpot courtesy of EVO. It will already be highlighted in the Indie Game showcase, but this adds an extra layer.

    Now the bad news.  Super Smash Brothers Melee has already jumped up to a whopping $13,848.  That's a pretty massive gap!  It's up to you guys to give it a win!  The proceeds go right to breast cancer research, so heavy competition is a win for everyone!

    You can find the MLP Evo donation page here!

    And of course, keep an eye on Mane6 for updates.