• New Law - Colorful Coats Now Banned

    Greetings again everypony! Hopefully all of you are having a wonderfully normal day with your fellow mares and stallions as we continue on our path to true equality. Already I am seeing a smiles as wide as a mile on just about everypony as their ambitions fade and they embrace the freedom that is simple equality!

    Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that some ponies are jealous about their bright and colorful coated brethren. These ponies, with their more muted tones, have been left literally in the dark! Fortunately the collective minds of all of Equestria have willed me to pass a new law that should hopefully combat this awfully in-equal situation.

    From now forward, everypony will be required to dye their coats gray. Free dye deliveries will begin tomorrow.

    Thank you everypony for continuing to create our vision for an equal Utopia!