• Equestria Daily Now Embraces Equality - Equality Inquirer Begins

    After infiltrating the Mane 6 and taking over from within, Equestria is now on the way to becoming truly Equal.

    Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that this website and the world it takes place in is not equal. Several ponies are superior to others, and that will only cause strife in the community. As a pony talented in creating a fair playing field for all, I, Starlight Glimmer, have hired myself to improve not only Equestria Daily, but the brony fandom as a whole to help better serve the ponies of Equestria.

    Today, and long into the future, we are now all equal. In sameness, we will know true peace. Embrace your inner pony, but do not assume that it is any better than anypony else.

    Cutie Mark removal services are mandatory and in effect immediately. Please report any community members that attempt to unbalance our new utopia by rejecting the procedure.

    Throughout the day, we will be introducing new posts to help further the pony race, as well as laws and projects to do the same in between usual postings.  

    Onward to a new and better Equality Inquirer! One where everpony is valued the same as everypony else! You are one of many. A cog in a machine that goes in a single perfected direction without end...

    Join us as we improve Equestria together!