• Nightly Roundup #628

    So, tonight I decided to try out this Spec Ops: The Line game that came with Bioshock Infinite as a bundle.  I was expecting your usual Call of Duty war game, but was completely amazed when it slammed me from left field with an actual story.  If you all haven't played it yet and got it in your particular Bioshock bundles, I'd highly recommend giving it a shot! I literally didn't stop for the full 5 hours and 45 minutes it took to complete it.

    Yes I'm using that as an excuse for the late roundup. 

    Have some news!

    Fighting is Magic on an Arcade Machine

    Pretty cool actually! I wish this game had a chance at completion though!

    Pony Nanosuit

    For all the Crysis fans out there.



    Brony News Network Episode 11

    Check it out here!


    Successful Meetups

    Northern Ireland Meetup

    Hi everyone. Thank you for everyone who managed to make it for the 6th meet of Bronies of Northern Ireland.

    We had a good day out with the weather being dry and not as cold as usual, which makes a change.

    We started out by filling up the arcade at the Odyssey and played on the arcade machines and played games of pool.

    Afterwards we got some lunch and had a great bit of banter. We then proceeded to go looking for pony merchandise and managed to buy 4 Rainbow Dash and 1 Pinkie Pie plushie from build a bear.

    All in all it was a great day and it was really good to see so many returning faces and have new people join in as well.



    Michigan Meetup

    The Michigan Bronies/Pegasisters facebook group had an awesome meetup today! First we went to bowling, where we got many awkward stares when we started singing Bohemian Rhapsody, After a couple games, we moved on over to the Indian Springs Metropark. Overcast skies and cold winds forced us inside, but we ended up conversing over hot chocolate at Tim Hortons. All in all, a very good day.

    Peace off and stay pony.

    Fredericksburg Cookout Meetup

    Today the Bronies of Fredericksburg had a cookout and I was hoping might post about it in one of your Nightly Roundups. We had a cookout with 29 people, where we played clusters and tag, drew cutie marks, and even fished a bit! I believe I have already linked our page website, but for good measures here it is: http://www.facebook.com/groups/BroniesofFredericksburg/
    Attached is a group photo from the cookout and a picture of the cakes.

    Chicago Meetup

    A bunch of Chicagoland and surrounding area bronies, as well as some folks from St. Louis and Wisconsin, got to hang out with Hey Ocean! before and after the show.

    I got there around 5PM, but since they didn't go on until 8, me and some friends of mine got to hang out with Ashleigh, Dave V and Dave B, as well as meet their road crew. Ashleigh was an absolute doll, signing just about everything shoved in front of her and chatting it up with pretty much everyone. The Daves were in full force as well, I had a real nice conversation with Dave B and their drummer John about their tour so far and what they're doing next (a few more shows and going back to Vancouver for a break).

    The show itself was insane. The opening act, We Are the City, are good friends with Hey Ocean! and also hailed from Vancouver. Very experimental, kind of indy-progressive-rock sound. I highly recommend anyone who's a fan of Hey Ocean! and bands like Arcade Fire to check them out. Of course, Hey Ocean! brought the house down with just about every song in their set. At one point during "Make a New Dance Up," Ashleigh jumped into the crowd and started dancing with us. Then, We Are the City came out and joined in on a huge percussion breakdown, which was awesome.

    After the show, we all hung out with the bands for a little longer, talked, took photos, and overall had an amazing time. Here's hoping they come back to Chicago soon, and in a bigger venue.

    I only got video of one song, which I'll post to YouTube later, but I'm sure more pictures and videos of the show will pop up over time.


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