• 60/66 Days of Pony - Apple Family Reunion

    One week away! After 9 months, we finally have some pony within reach.  I seriously can't wait.  Lets tear down Applejack's barn in celebration! Rejoice!

    Seriously though, I've lost count on the number of times that thing has been obliterated. They should just change Applejack's cutie mark to a wilted clover with the awful luck that seems to follow her everywhere. Poor pony. Luckily the Apple family is ridiculously huge, so rebuilding it was a snap, which leads me to the big part of the episode, the song. 

    While not as heavily remixed as the other s3 stuff thanks to it's more country feel, we still saw quite a bit of it. The usual flood of dubstep/trance/rock/orchestral piled in, but the best alteration had to be the Build a Sentry parody. Even TF2 blogs were picking up on that one.  I'm surprised it didn't spread further!

    Anyway, get some Apples Apples Apples below the break.