• Trixie Sounds and Portraits for Baldurs Gate 2

    I'm going to steal one of our off hour slots because I love Baldurs Gate 2.  How do you take the greatest game and make it the greatest and most powerful game?  I'll let you guess. 

    Anyway, I was super bored, and when that happens I spend dumb amounts of time clipping sounds from Magic Duel and Boast Busters for my various Infinity Engine game outings.  If you plan on giving the new Enhanced Edition of Baldurs Gate 2 a shot, or even the first one, these should fit right in.  I haven't tested them on oldschool copies of the games, but I'm pretty sure beamdog used the same system for sound files.

    Portraits are included, though only two.  These are super easy to edit if you want a different image for your new custom Trixie character.  Unfortunately, modeling in these games is pretty difficult, so there aren't any pony sprites yet (someone get on it yeah?)

    Anyway, you can get the files over here.  Installation instructions included. 

    And if you want to run an entire pony party (by importing custom characters instead of recruiting them in game), this still exists, though the sound clips are a bit limited, the portraits humanized, and it only covers season 1 lines.  It's easy to add more though. 

    Now go play some Baldur's Gate so we can get more oldschool CRPG games!