• Pony Collection Contest - Entry Post!

    I definitely didn't expect this! 198 of you rounded up all of your crazy pony collections and sent them over.   This is probably the pinkest post we have ever had on EQD!  I'm going to challenge one of you to calculate how much pony merch is actually in here in dollars.  I bet one of you math prodigies could handle it!

    Winners will be chosen in a few days for the Fluttershy card promos.  Feel free to drop your recommendations in the comments below!

    The majority of what was sent was G4, though it looks like older generation might find some to enjoy down there.  I'm surprised at how many of you don't open your ponies! Do you want them to suffocate?   I wouldn't let mine suffocate.  

    Now go be blinded by pink after the break!

    2 Epic Pony Collection - Beth Hoey

    I hope I win something! I mean, come on, this is the most epic pony collection ever, right? :D
    3 Huge Collection of Pony - Angel Geissler

    A large collection of pony. I have some other stuff seen in the photo as well not included in the video.. And excuse my voice please, I currently have a cold :(
    6 Army of Ponies! - Heather (aka SpaceVoyager)

    I couldn't fit all of my ponies into a single image. I have so many!
    7 - Disqualified
    8 Kais Cool Collection - Kai Hanna

    Its not good enough to win, but meh.
    9 Brony Altar - Vinny

    12 - Matt White

    I couldn't fit all of it in one image, so the page URL goes to a tumblr page with more images and a video walkthrough of the collection.
    13 my mlp stuff - duke parsley

    all my mlp stuff other than hats hoodies and shirts love mlp got allmost every card!
    14 My collection - Michael Rice

    Large. Sry, there was a lot. Details typed in the image.
    15 - David Gianforte

    (I painted some of the blind bag ponies, but I don't sell them or take commissions.)
    16 OtakuSquiirel Pony Swag - Christopher Herman

    This is all just my personal swag- and it's not even everything I've got! Probably the choice pieces are the White FS Celestia, my two Derpys, and my NIghtmare Moon signed by Tabitha! =) I also have all the international exclusive ponies tucked away with the brushables.
    17 Jordan's Collection - Jordan Salzer

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PLEASE READ!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I couldn't include EVERYTHING of FiM. If you use the http://mlparena.com/mlp/index.php/topic,308845.msg403794.html link and scroll down to my g4 section you will be able to see some other various items of Friendship is Magic (IE Tatoos,coloring books,ect) I could BARELY fit Cadence and Celestia on my shelf yet alone coloring books I'm SO sorry about that :(
    18 Pony collection: S.A.S.Falcon (20/09/2012) - Ian Marchant (S.A.S.Falcon)

    Collection features wave 1 and 2 blindbag sets in their entirety, the Gilda, Spitfire and Shining Armour blindbag figures, the set of Maccas toys, the Nightmare Moon collectors set and a Fluttershy plushie
    20 So Much Poni! - Pixel Coder

    Two or three times while I was photographing everything, I thought I had gotten it all but then remembered something else! There are still some smaller items not pictured, like playing cards, pins, stickers, jewelry, prints, etc., and I have a lot of things on preorder coming to me (and someday I'll get what's coming to me). It then took me hours to put all the images together because they were so big and Photoshop kept freezing up. "I'm just relieved to finally be done!"

    21 - Simon Sithat Penzes

    Not my complete collection but my main stuff :3
    22 Mushious MLP Collection - Sam

    My collection. Few plushies (custom and official), several brushables and blindbags. The MLP Gift Pack (Large moulded figures) and the MLP DVD box set.
    25 Best Wedding Ever! - Merodi

    I know that this photo is a little blurred, but my best camera is damaged :( So... This is my small collection of ponies :3
    26 - Rob Goulding

    Certainly not the biggest you're likely to get, but big enough to make me feel happy/deeply concerned at the same time. ~ 10x WeLoveFine T-Shirts ~ 2x Hot Topic T-Shirts ~ 1x Wonderbolts Hoodie ~ 4x DVDs ~ 3x Brushables ~ 2x Blind Bag Ponies ~ 1x Derpy Pillow ~ Misc Stickers ~ Giant Bag from WLF ~ Wonderbolts Bag ~ Printed, Framed & Wall Mounted Motivational Posters
    27 I got my pony swag for you! - Sarina Washington

    Its pretty hard to get pony merch in the uk! But I think I did a pretty good job! I bought a spare suitcase with me to my trip to america just to fill with pony! i hope to fill my collection even more now I can make plushies! Did anyone say jumbo sized pinkie plush?
    28 Swallowfire's Pride and Joy/ - Alex Grant

    I've been collecting toys all my life but only started pony merchandise in October 2011. The main thing I collect are blindbags and I have over 50 of them, mostly customs. There is also a lot of other, misc/weird stuff in there, like the RD 3DS and FS canvas art. If you want to ask anything or have a chat, please do say hi on twitter: https://twitter.com/Swallowfire
    29 The Great Cleave's ponies. (please see additional information section) - Adrian Ang

    Just throwing this out there and hoping I win a card xD. FULL COLLECTION ALBUM: http://imgur.com/a/66EYZ entry consists of one collection in 3 different locations, my primary (shelf), my card collection and accessories (i won't include shirts, i have 15, too many pictures xD), and my dump dresser (anything non-pinkie) list: - 2 of each pinkie pie blind bag -2 applejack and fluttershy blind bags -one of each remaining mane-6 -belt (with ~20 buttons attatched) -pinkie pie fleece hat -pinkie pie/twilight loafie -pinkie pie/twilight brushable -pinkie pie NMM brushable -GID zecora -MCS's pinkie pie/cheerilee -pinkie pie bubble blower -pinkie pie/twilight 10 inch (was it 10 inch?) plush -pinkie pie 5 inch plush -custom vinyl scratch blind bag -birthday card and more buttons -lanyard and pinkie pie keychain -card collection/necklace/bracelet -NMM set trixie -assorted blind bags -various Headphones/shirts/bags
    34 My MLP collection! - Jaime Whittaker

    Click on the image to see my video on YouTube of our full collection! The only thing I couldn't put in the video was my hubby's Brony shirt because he is wearing it today!
    36 MacX's Pony Collection! - Macklin Xu

    The best part of my collection is that more than 50% of the items that make up my collection were HAND MADE by me...be it 40+ custom Ponies, Magnets (which every VA got as presents...including Lauren Faust), or THAT shirt's design (which got Tara Strong's approval). 8) Having official merchandise rounds it up nicely, including such rare items like autographed' Bronycon guidebook and 2 Enterplay Promo Rarity! I also wanted to reduce the negative space that isn't PONIFIED, so pretty happy with the result :)
    37 My Pony Collection 1 - SeayDragon

    Here are my ponies hope you can see them good I'm bad with a camera, I'm only miss a few ponies but there coming in the mail.
    38 david billups' huge pony collection! - david billups

    this is my complete collection of pony stuff! this is probably like 3000 dollars worth it includes pony comics, a complete collection of pony trading cards, derpy hooves, UK and german exclusive toys. a super rare pony wedding compact from the pony wedding party in california, fashion style ponies,a complete set of blind bags, pony dvds,and cds, books,zecora toy, a dozen pony posters, , to much to list and almost to much to fit in a picture!my bed is filled front to back with pony stuff! and this does not even include my collection of past generations.
    39 Pony collection September - Max ( balthazar147 )

    to see the beter pictures : http://balthazar147.tumblr.com/post/31581886898/my-current-collection-of-my-little-pony-merch
    40 My G4 Pony Collection - Anni Wainwright

    Small collection of g4s, utilising the Wedding Castle for display purposes. Specially featuring FS Cadence and Shining Armor, imported from US to UK! Sadly missing Fashion AJ :(

    41 So much pony - Taliesin

    Hi! I'm an italian brony, and I am in charge of www.mylittlepony.it, the italian brony community! Yeah, I'm the admin there, and our forum counts almost 1000 people! Not bad for Italy, you know? :)
    42 SteC's Pony Collection - Stephen Child

    Whew! Finally all set up. I have a modest collection that started with the Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Rainbow Dash doll sets last October, just to prove that they exist in UK stores at the time along with the magazine. But then came the blindbags; that really got me revved up to start a collection of my own. I'm one of those fans who collect personal favourites over an entire set, though I won't hesitate to search for my very first plushie someday. The shiny Rainbow Dash and Season 1 cast poster are my pride and joy. Enjoy what you see! (*?*)
    43 My Little Collection: Merchandise is Magic - Christopher Smith

    All of my pony stuff except my duplicate cards and the Rainbow Dash blindbag that sits on my dashboard.
    44 The Equestrian Army - Felicia Gilley

    My mighty pony army! I started watching the show last October, and starting collecting just a month later! It started with just the Mane 6 and a few others I thought had a nice color scheme, and eventually it grew like wildfire. I think I have at least 1 of every individual pony character (except the talking baby pony plushies), not including euro blind bag waves. My collection includes factory errors, the South America McDonalds light up toys, Derpy, Euro exclusives, a small handful of customs, and more!
    45 - Phil Curtis

    Pretty much everything available to bronies in the United Kingdom, with additional stock bought from USA. (\
    47 Electric Spark's MLP Collection - Sander 'ElectricSpark' Vermeire

    around 120 blindbag ponies (complete wave 1 trough 5) + Wedding set, Cloudsdale Set and Wedding set Customized bank card Posters from Galacon and humanized Twilight, Trixie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash Plush of my OC created by the lovely WhiteDove-Creations Card game and tarot cards bought at Galacon WLF poster and stickers from first order WLF Dash clothing bag and WLF Twilight read a book bag (both from second order) Fallout Equestria all 5 volumes and Past Sins Hardcover book Mane 6 + Discord Certified tags 9 Pony related T-shirts 1 Pony related hoodie
    50 Pone stuffs, go! - Thoroar

    I figured I could round up my stuff and take a picture of it. After half an hour cleaning the desk, I was standing shirtless, taking pictures of the ponies. My collection is made up of: 39 buttons of various size Mane 6 stickers Steampunk Applejack sticker Sheet of small, glittering stickers Giant Pinkie Pie sticker 2 "activity books" 2 magazines Pinkie Pie beanie hat 2 Pinkie Pie Scarves 7 shirts, one for each day if needed. 34 blind bag figures Rainbow Dash Keychain Rainbow Dash brushable figure 2 Small art prints 5 Posters Derpy messenger bag WeLoveFine big Rainbow Dash bag The Ticker Master DVD (not pictured) Most of the art, buttons and stickers were aquired at meetups in London, while the majority of the shirts is from WeLoveFine. For the blind bag figures, I bought a whole box of wave 6 (yellow bags).
    51 My Pony Shrine! - Tyler Fordham

    Hi, I'm Tyler and I'm currently doing intel training in the Air Force. This was a picture of my collection the night before I left for basic military training. Collection would be bigger right now but that's the most recent (and funny :P) picture I've got. Lots of bronies here at tech school suprisingly!
    52 MLP Collection - Christian Cerda

    I also took some close-ups in case the main picture is hard to see: http://christiancerda.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=scraps
    53 Collection - Craig Vogeley

    Here's my entry for the contest. Sorry that the images aren't very high quality. Also I apologize that the pictures are moving rather quickly. I thought I had made it a slow speed. Pictures include 1: pony posters 2: pony figures 3: marshmallow pony plushies 4: commissioned sketch of my OC 5:art by Max Gilardi 6: pony buttons 7: pony cards 8: pony t-shirts 9: welovefine stuff 10: my car w/ cutie mark.
    55 Narxinba's Pony Collection - Brianna

    Had to take 3 separate pictures, because I couldnt get it all in the one shot. Excuse the headless ponies on the left, I'm in the middle of making customs. Official Pony Merch: Birthday Cards, Season 1 DVDs, toys, McDonalds Twilight, character cards (at the front), towel, colouring book. Fan Made Items: All the custom toys were made by me. The pony ears, mouse pad and pins I bought at Supanova. The painting that is framed on the right is huge (too heavy to take down) and was made by =Tridgeon
    56 - Miranda

    58 Pony Tour 2012 - Nathaniel Rohr

    The image is actually from earlier, when I got my first shipment of stuff, the star of this submission is the linked video. Hope that's okay.
    59 some of my mlp Pony Collection - trickyZ

    my contest entry
    60 Mowza2k2's G4 Collection - Matthew Blanscett

    I have most of my merchandise pictured, but I have so much I have a hard time getting it all into one place. Not pictured are the rest of the Comic-Con motivational posters. And if you direct your attention to the bottom right you will see the blind bag boxes, they are full and have all 24 from every wave. I even have wave 2 from Europe and the Pink Glitter Twilight. On the right also contains ALL the brushable singles that have been officially released. I do have all the cards already including RD, but if I win I plan to send Flutters off to a very good friend in Finland. The site link is my main brag site because in detail you can see all of my merch in one place. And last but not least I know this doesnt quite count as merch but maybe you should check it out. http://i978.photobucket.com/albums/ae265/mowza2k2/IMG_20120810_191126.jpg I should mention that all the merch is mine and it is not a pool of me and my friends. I have many that can and will vouch it is mine. I hope I win!

    61 Way Too Many Ponies - Dave Rhodes

    My collection includes not only the toys, but also a fair chunk of pony media spanning the generations! Please check out the linked Imgur album for pictures of each shelf and descriptions.
    63 A Populpus Amount of Pony - Jessica Schilling

    In this picture is a little over 162 pony items (some are doubles). There are 35 plushies, 94 figures, and 33 miscellaneous things like posters, books, etc. I have a few more things not shown in these photos (3 T-shirts in the wash, a WeLoveFine huge Rainbow Dash bag, and a DVD) I cannot believe I collected so much stuff! I didn't even realize how much stuff I had until I got it all together!
    64 Mithzan's MLP FiM Collection - Max / Mithzan

    Always wanted to share my collection, really love this contest, thanks for hosting it!!
    65 My Little Ponies - Mike McNary

    Just thought I would throw in my ponies. You can't tell from the picture, but the binder contains a full set of cards.
    66 Mane 6 with Derpy and Customs! - Jeremy Ciocon

    Mane six ponies and Batman ponies included with Derpys! <3 i="i">
    67 That better than average pony collection >.> - Zeeee

    i have one of each of the mane 6 figures, still looking for a burshable pinkie and applejack, sadly the stores near me are sold out of them two getting the vinyl and trixie ones soon then a few shirts and my fluttershy beanie and pinkie pillow all over my MLP throw blanket /)
    68 My humble collection - Medali Castro

    Here are my ponies. It might not be as awesome a collection as other collections but it's mine and I love it and most importantly it makes me smile. I would've taken a picture with my new Derpy but the contest ends before she gets here! So sad that she won't be included. I actually did hold a Derpy for a bit but it wasn't meant for me, I had gotten it for my friend for his birthday. I was so thrilled that I could make him happy no matter much I wanted one of my own. If you want to see the video of the present go for it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqX_wkvgeYg&list=UU8YOhKbEGOfsO5UfGmjVg-Q&index=1&feature=plcp ^_^ There is a gigantic perler Pinkie and cool stuff. Anyway, yeah my collection should win, like I said it's not as amazing as others might be but it means the world to me, and it was obtained through the sweat and tears of being a student worker at my college. Besides if others have the money to make huge collections, then they can afford that card on their own :P
    69 My Pony Collection - Allen

    Ponies that I've collected over the two years after two years of being a fan of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.
    70 - SailorCardKnight

    My pony collection. There are pieces of my anime/manga collection in this pic as well, but its actually a very small portion of my collection of that. Hopfully you don't mind as the images do focus on pony afteral.
    71 Collectors contest entry: What does 135 ponies look like? - Keniakittykat

    I'm so sorry for the horrendous quality of the photo. My camera's flashcard went missing so I had to shoot this with the webcam of my laptop... It wasn't easy... I used cardboard boxes, buttercups and tupperware kits to stack them up like that. Organizing them took almost an hour! Anyway, I've been actively collecting for almost 4 years now, and have 135 ponies in my collection from ALL generations. I don't have as many g4 ponies, but that's because I've been low on space and money. But I do have the official pre-release Vinyl Scratch and Pinkie Christmas ornament and 2 pinkie plastic cups. ^^ (Lower right corner) I've been in love with ponies since I was little. So actually, this is my 21 year long love for ponies incarnate.
    73 Dashie's Heard - Kimberly Ross

    I have been accumulating these ponies for ten years, that means i was five when i first stated collecting. My ponies are very exited and really really really would love it if the fine mares and gentle colts of Equestria Daily could choose them as one of the top pony collections. Thanks!!!
    75 - Zach

    76 Pony Swag - Not sharing, sorry

    I started collecting My Little Pony toys in 2006, ended (reluctantly) in 2008, then jumped right back into the pony-purchasing scene in 2011. My first G4 pony was an Easter Fluttershy. She came in a box shaped like a snowglobe. My most recent one was Crystal Twilight. I'm really excited for the new merchandise (especially Trixie and Lyra, but all my love's on Twixie) and, yeah. Since I'm not clever with my endings, brony on!
    78 Recreation of Canterlot - Kaela Thompson

    This is my prized pony collection! i could look at it for hours but i dont belive half of its even mine:p sorry for the sucky resolution. My only cammra is on my phone and it refuses to foucus right. and sorry for the inconvienence of it being in two places.
    80 Lotsa Ponies! - Sophie

    This is ALL the pony stuff in my house right now, with the exception of my sister's Doctor Whooves shirt. Most pony customs are made by yours truly, but the faux fur hair Fluttershy is made by :iconvoodoo-tiki:, the filly Luna is made by :iconspacevoyager: for my sis, the mini Luna in the first pic is made be a girl at a meetup, and the Joker brushable pony in the second panel is from a meetup as well. All drawings are mine.:) That butt ugly Fluttershy on official Twilight's head was my first plushie attempt ever. I made it last october.

    82 Cobra Commando's Pony Race Car Army - John Corey

    This is my pony collection. The centerpiece is cobra commander's pony race car army, complete with Godzilla riding Master Chief. It's the entire series 1 blind bag collection plus the target rainbow ponies. It may not be apparent from this picture but I tried to match the cars to the ponies based on colors and personality. Cobra commander himself is pierced (directly in the chest) with my favorite oc pony pin, Ohio Bronies mascot, Peanut Bucker. He is flanked by #001 pokemon bulbasaur. On the left we have my brony lanyard, also featuring Peanut Bucker, and my drawing of someone else's pony art that I liked so much I framed. On the right we have my pony plushies, Fluttershy, (by Skradke) and shy little philly Woona. (by Magicalmoomoo) The McDonald's ponies take the center as well the main six blind bag ponies and some dinosaur skulls. There is an mlp poster underneath from one of the mlp sticker books. More pictures in my DeviantArt scrapbook!
    83 - Ryann

    My collection. :)
    84 - Eric O

    This is my wonderful Pony collection that I have amassed over the past year. Every piece of this collection is important to me, but the most important pieces lay at the top most parts of the bookcase. Included are the SDCC Exclusive Derpy, TRU Exclusive Zecora, the Collector's Set with Nightmare Moon (out of package, as it took too much space), and the SDCC 2011 poster. I actually have the Walmart posters, just no frames for them yet. I still have my badge from BronyCon as well as the program booklet. The shirts are only 4 of 6. You can only bet this collection will get even bigger.
    85 My Pony Obsession - Liz Peterson

    I have such a big collection I couldn't get it in just one picture, but I have posted all the images on the website listed. I'm crazy for the Blind Bags, and I have (almost) all of them. Thanks for hosting such an awesome contest!
    86 My MLP Collection - Alexandra Mcgrath

    Sorry about the blurriness of some of the pictures all I have for a camra right now is my DS. I also hope multiple pictures were okay since there was no way I was going to be able to fit my whole collection in one spot for a picture. I also have most of these pictures uploaded here http://stagprince.webs.com/ .
    87 MLP Collection at the moment - Stardustchild01

    I'm not hoping to win this but i did want to at least show off my collection. XD
    88 Pony Merch On Display - Corycyrus

    We built the table out of wood and then painted it. My wife added the decorative features after the initial painting.
    89 My MLP:FIM Collection - Thomas S

    So, after getting all of my pony merch from their hiding spots, I put all of my MLP:FIM cards, bookmarks, blindbags, sets, clothes, etc... and got some pictures to submit. I'm starting to run out of spots to hide any more ponies that I get! It's worth a shot to enter this contest. Best of luck to everyone!
    90 - Andi

    My little collection :) I own 11 blindbag-figures, 1 brushable and a Ringbinder.
    91 My little pony : Friendship is magic collection. - Amanda

    This is my collection for the contest you're hosting! Been collecting for almost two years now.
    92 Souvenirs From Equestria - Robby Morris

    Yes, I redecorated an entire wall in my studio to showcase MY Little Pony collection. :)
    93 Pony Shrine - Christopher Nichols

    Here's my kids' MLP collection (um... yeah... it all belongs to the "kids"). It's mostly G4 with a few G3.5 things (like the ferris wheel and the bus). When the 'reward' for potty training success is a pony, the collection tends to build up pretty fast!
    95 My Absurd Pony Collection! - Em

    You can also view a video that I made of my collection here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NML0guSlrkg Thanks!
    96 MY PONY COLLECTION. :D - Joey Young

    This is all my pony stuff, everything you see on the wall is all pony related stuff. 80% of the stuff on the wall are all hand drawn drawings that I have drawn over the 2years that I've been watching. Well, Except for two which a friend had drawn for me. I have about 50 items there maybe more maybe less. I am missing like 2 or 3 items which are at my other house. I have a pinkie pie hoodie on the wall which I had made and the GCD(Ghost Capturing Device)(which is the silver vacuum looking thingy)which I had made based on the fanfiction Sweetie's Mansion. But yeah there is my entry, Don't know if it's alot or it's small compared to others but I hope that I may win, didn't get a good present for my friend for his birthday and well his favorite pony is Fluttershy and that would be the perfect late gift. But yeah anyways that's my collection hope I stand a chance, Bye.
    97 My MLP Collection - Tyler

    I've been collecting for about a year or so now. My first piece was brushable Fluttershy. Unpictured is my complete set of the Enterplay card collection (minus some of the golds and promo cards). ... P.S. Twilight is best pony.
    98 - Raven Klingele

    Items: Plumsweet, Glimmer Wings Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Dream Drifter (3rd Gen), Rarity, Sprinkle Stripe figurine & Collector Card, Twilight Sky figurine & Collector Card, Mosely Orange figurine & Collector Card, Rarity Metallic Shimmer Collector Card, Pinkie Pie Custom Mini Mugg, Cherries & Berries (3rd Gen), Applejack, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Snowcatcher, Equestria Map Poster, original artwork by Alisha Klingele (Punk Pony) and me (Pinkie Pie)
    100 All the pony - Exotahu

    I almost couldn't fit it all in. But here is what is pictured: Mane 6 standard brushable Cheerilee + CMC set Nightmare moon set Gift set with the pink molded Celestia Zecora Fluttershy McD toy (2nd run) Crystal Pinkie and Rainbow Dash (Hmm... crystals) Rainbow Blindbag set Apple Faimily, Royal Wedding, and Cloudsdale Blindbag set. Misc Blindbags(With cards) including: Mane 6 Lyra Carrot Top (Golden Harvest) Berry Punch (Berryshine) Roseluck Minty And a whole bunch of others I'm not going to list TRU Pinkie and Twilight Tiny Rainbow Dash Plush Also included is my 3 shirts, all 3 DVDs, a badge, a custom phone cozy thing I won at a con raffle, and some trading cards. I have tendency to go a little nuts when collecting stuff. It all started with that one basic Fluttershy and kinda snowballed from there. Good god that's a lot of pony. Even so I doubt I'll even come close to winning lol. Gotta try though! 

    102 The Only Pony That Matters - Professor Equine

    Roseluck Roseluck Roseluck Roseluck Roseluck Roseluck Roseluck Roseluck RoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluck
    103 My big pony collection - Alex Slater

    This be my collection, I notice the contest says 'ponys only', so I wasn't sure if that excluded poster/shirts/random stuff, so I took pictures of everything divided up.
    104 "The Pony Dome" - Midnight Aperture

    My collection of anything and everything pony I can get my hooves on. I live in Canada, so I'm not in the best of spots to be able to get all sorts at a whim, so I've turned to the internet for a good lot of it. Since filming, I've acquired a Derpy plush, MLP Edition Memory game and of course, more blind bags. My title "The Pony Dome" was coined by my mother, upon seeing all the stuff massed together for the first time. lol
    106 - FinderPony

    107 EQD Collection Contest Entry - John Nguyen

    This is my entry to the Equestria Daily Pony Collection showcasing my collection of pony toys. I have been collecting pony toys since April 2011 and began customizing them since August 2011. The majority of my collection is comprised of customs made by myself (unless otherwise noted) or restyled by myself. This is a result of my own work and effort with careful shopping and trading. I'm aiming to win most creative category of the competition because a vast majority of my collection are customs and that this collection is focused on having what I like rather than trying to get everything released in mind. (Note: I could not link to the proper sized image because it exceeded the 2000x2000 maximum. The proper sized image link can be found here: http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/267/0/4/eqd_collection_contest_entry_by_kd_230692-d5fppvy.jpg )
    109 Brony Fort: Friendship is stacking a pyramind - Francisco J. Ortega Delgado

    My mom did not approve of this =D This stacking of items needed very little organizing, yes it has always been like that, and I will keep placing this on the wall for the sake of ponies.
    112 my little collection - chickenmer

    joined the herd less than 5 months ago but honestly i'm a brony because of the love and caring this community has for one another. thanks for the great contest!! can't wait to see everyone's collections :)
    113 Pony Collection - Jamie Beecher

    ~Been collectiong since February 18, 2012 ~should be about 200+ MLP related items
    114 Pony collection 2012 - Kelsey

    I mainly use flickr. About the collection: this is about 8 years worth. That's not even all of it. G4 are mostly in the lower right corner. The blind bag box is full of waves 1-4. I have 2 derpys. Most of my collection is G1.
    116 My Collection So Far - Rulsis

    Had to post my collection as a bunch of smaller pictures because "I couldn't fit it all in!" Each picture can be seen quite clearly if zoomed in. If there appears to be duplicates, that's because I tend to collection the mane 6 over and over again with each wave re-release. Still don't have my SDCC Derpy! But so, very soon! *rubs hooves together* Also don't know if my Printed copies of Fallout Equestria count, but I did pay a good amount for them.
    117 G4 Pony Collection - Karlee Bird

    My collection of G4s, background is my backyard in Oregon.
    118 Mane 6 having fun - SStwins11

    Rainbow Dash and Applejack are playing poker, Rainbow Dash is cheating (somepony has an ace up their sleeve!). Rarity is eating a fancy blueberry dinner. Twilight has just received 4 tickets to Canterlot, and she's already worried about which friends to take with her. Pinkie Pie is climbing up the wall (typical Pinkie!). And Fluttershy is taking care of two animals, a dog and a hedgehog.
    120 My Little Obsession - Liz Yanzer

    My Little Pony obsession. I have several customs in progress that are not pictured. I don't have a good area to display my collection, so my lovelies will have to stay boxed until I have a more suitable home for them. 

    121 My Minuscule amount of Pony Swag - Pink Champagne

    A few things to note about the video: the binder does include the entire card collection minus F35-F40, the two Twilight shirts are signed, there's no RD exclusive because it's currently on it's way here, and I would never part with any of my stuff.
    123 Framwinkle's MLP Collection 2012-09 - Framwinkle

    It was impractical to get all my stuff together in one shot, so I made a collage.
    125 My MLP: FiM Collection - Monica Merino

    Huge 2012-2013 calender, toys, blind bag ponies, fan made art I drew, painted, and handicraft-ed myself, Screening Project poster, three tote bags, and coloring pages. Please ignore the various objects around my collection.
    126 - Nick (Azure)

    Most of this has been attained since season two's ending, there are a few random things not pictured like coloring books and towels. I apologize ahead of time if I went overboard with the commentary. cheers
    127 My Little Pony Collection by sdyoshi123 - Stephen Salcido

    everything you see I've bought from Wal-mart, Target, Hot Topic, and FYE. The Fluttershy painting and Easter egg are from friends.
    128 Milka's Collection - Milkarevenge/Comrade Fluttershy

    Just as some context, the black box in the back is my desktop tower, and the whole collection is on my Friendship is Magic bed sheets.
    130 Manic Splice's Brony Room - Kurt Mays

    This is my pony room, with my merch, plushies and even a few shirts and custom made items :) All the background pictures were printed on kodak photo paper on best printing settings and then laminated to keep them looking swag (only the best for ponies) I hope you guys like it, thanks for viewing!
    131 My Little Bit O' Happyness. - Tracy Flood

    The bulk of the images are at the Photobucket link, I didn't want to flood my Flickr account so uploaded there instead. Those pictures are what I have on my iPod to help keep track of what, and how many of each item I have. They are not multiple pictures of the same item, I have purchased multiples of the ones I really like and also picked up a few to give as gifts and to customize. The only things missing from these pictures are the original art from my badges and a couple prints. Also left out are the rest of my blindbags since I don't have images of them, and don't have time to dig them all out to take some. Multiples of the US pink, purple and blue sets can be added to what is in the pictures though. The pieces in the folder "my creations" were made by me, and the badges were gifts from friends for Everfree. Oh, and I forgot my toothbrush when I went to EverfreeNW so picked up a Pinkie Pie toothbrush set to use. I doubt anyone wants to see a used toothbrush though. :-P
    132 my little pony gen 4 collection - kirbie L

    this is my current gen 4 my little pony friendship is magic collection, to see the full collection i have added the link to my youtube video of my full collection as of september 24th ^-^
    133 - Misogypony

    I've been gradually collecting ponies since June of 2011, It might be hard to see but the comic con poster has been signed by Lauren Faust, Andrea Libman, Nicole Oliver, and Tara Strong during bronycon.
    134 - Richie Davidson

    I highlighted a few favorites. Not picture is my pony wardrobe, including my Derpy Computer Bag, hehe
    135 Book Fort - Brad

    137 So Many Ponies - Shade

    A lot of this I made/customized. Also I recently bought the Brony Set with LEMON HEARTS. <3 i="i">
    138 Plushie Paradise - PonyVillain

    Here is (most of) my collection. I usually keep them all over the place, and posing them was.. problematic. Now, seeing as I'm artistically challenged, these were all made by Other People. You can find a (hopefully) complete listing on the linked DA page.
    140 My growing MLP collection - Eliza Bolen

    1 comic con Derpy 1 Rainbow Dash brushable 1 OC Plush 1 Custom figure OC 3 large plushies of Dash, Twilight, and Pinkie 17 Random Blind Bag figurines 7 Mcdonalds pony keychains 3 coloring books 1 Pair of Rainbow Dash sunglasses 1 Rainbow Dash Wallet 1 Brony Lanyard 95 trading cards 4 posters 3 pony shirts, 2 Dash, 1 Derpy I am hoping to add to my collection soon!       

    142 Fluttershy Collection - Phillip B

    The collection and close ups are spread around my deviant art gallery..
    143 pony addiction - Wilford B Wolf

    well id put a list up of what all is in the shot but...it wont fit in the limitations...soo il say this all tthats missing useing strawberry reef as a referance is 10 items...fs aj, raritys carousel, 3 international ponys and 7 oc's my most prized in the shot would be my 5 signed by the VA's FS ponys as well as my CMC set signed by all 3 of the cmc and cherilee's VA as well as some VA signed cards and one of the very first cd's acoustic brony as well as one of the first box michelle creber cds signed by everyone inculding her parents 201 blindbags 114 g4 brushable/fs 27misc g4 38 misc g1-g3.5 +6 in the mail on ther way to me
    146 My Little Armada: Invasion is Magic - Joe

    90 overall, although I'll admit, these are not all ponies. There's a griffon, a zebra, and a chicken in there as well.
    147 My Pony Collection - Madison

    My collection of ponies. I have G1, G2, G3, G3.5, and G4 ponies. I have 2 custom ponies and 2 plushies that I made, one of each are my brothers. I am guessing I have about 200 ponies in all.
    148 The First Step is Admitting There's a Problem - Leslie Barnes

    Thanks for the chance to get all my stuff together and get a picture! I had no idea I had amassed so much pony...I love my pony stuff, and can't wait to find more pieces to add. The signed Tom plush, Princess Celestia plush, and the farthest right Pinkie Pie plush are all made by myself. The rest was purchased from stores and vendors.
    149 - AwesomeTurtwig

    A little dirty, haven't been home from school in a while to clean it up, had my sister take the picture for me. My prized possession is my signed Comic Con poster.
    150 Current Pony Collection of David Schlott - David Schlott

    My current collection. What is not shown is my Laptop with pony stickers, 6 other shirts, and my pony posters.
    151 XSAlien's Well Spent Money - Kyle 'XSAlien' Martinson

    I need to get a job...I can't offered this. Which is unfortunate because I'm still buying :3 Also, Lemon Tart and Orchid Dew are best ponies :D
    152 A Little of Everything Except G3.5 - Robert

    My entire MLP collection. G1, G3, G4, a couple of G2's, customs, and swag. Top photos: G1 (the plushie and 8 G1's in the bottom row on the left are what got me started in MLP, in the 1980's), and G4's (brushable incl. Zecora, McDonalds, and blind bag size). Middle left photo: G3's (front center row behind small ones: G3 Rarity, Fluttershy, Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie) Middle right photo: Posters, display boxes for blind bags, 1st MLP cartoon on VHS, the cards, and a few other things. Bottom photos: Customs (front: G4 customs incl. BB G4 versions of G1 characters, Front left: G3 Monster High characters, middle center and front right: various G1 and 3 customs incl G1 versions of G4's, back 3 rows: G1 and 3 Ace Attorney characters).
    153 My Little Obsession - N

    Check out all the pics! I have some assorted odds and ends that aren't pictured with the mane collection, which I am rapidly running out of room for! I don't buy things online, so everything I have has been released in the US somewhere, the only exceptions are the artistic pieces. It's a bit hard to see all my blind bag ponies, but they are ALL unique! Three waves plus a few assorted other miniatures! And I JUST started my brushables collection. So I "only" have 17 of them :P Check the gallery for more info and additional pics =3
    157 MLP Stash Ponypocalipse - Joseph Z-A

    This is my MLP FIM collection from over the past year or so. I hope you enjoy! :D
    158 The herd, from edible to wearable - Frith

    The glitterati have assembled for to dine: On Easter chocolate frozen since spring time. Under the eyes of the Changeling queen The Elements of Harmony are assembling, But instead of six there are eighteen. Who weild the power and who are sembling? They've posed for their picture and that's a wrap, It way past the time I was supposed to go nap.
    159 A Bit of Pony - Chris Reynolds

    I only wish I could submit multiple pictures or had a decent video camera. I hate leaving out the stuff all over my car.

    161 The Family that ponies together... - Aeta

    We own ALL OF THE PLAYFUL PONIES, with the exception of the 2 that were only available in "bonus packs" in Europe. The Apple Jack cowboy hat on top of the castle is hand embroidered. My children made the two plaster impressions featured at the bottom of the image. the farthest left Pink-lestia was hand painted by myself into a proper White-Lestia here http://zelgadisgwds.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4d0wir
    162 Ponies! - Kevin Huscroft

    I did not realize I had acquired this many ponies.
    163 My Little Pony Collection...STARRING MII! - Paul Davidson (Photon)

    I'm sorry about the bad quality and small thumbnail. I took this with my 3DS. I have a tone more stuff, like a blanket, a few shirts, more posters, another badge, accessories and etc... I wanted get as much stuff as I could in without having to put it into two different pics and posting them as the same document on here. (Because that would be CHEATING) . Anyways, that's my MII. He's proud to be a brony. *Sorry to get, but I'm in a hurry*
    164 Too much for any other room in the house. - Rebecca Starborne

    Please for the love of Derpy~! Or maybe just for the 4ft tall Vinyl Scratch. Anywho, I love you guys! and best of luck to all the other competitors. May the best pet... err... pony win!!
    165 My collection - Jacob Darcey

    There are actually four pictures that include my collection, each of which can be found at the Page URL in the description. However, the vast majority is in the main picture (except my custom stuff).
    167 A Pegasister's Collection - Rosa Foreman

    This has been a collection building and building >.> Everything from blind bags, to brushies even deluxe and fashion ponies. Though my crown jewels is the SDCC Derpy as well as my Nightmare Moon! I had last counted 140+ ponies. And in this pictures this doesn't even include posters, shirts and other merchandise, i just felt it may have been a weeee bit much xD. Im not the best at photos but there ya go! My large pony collection.. BTW: Fluttershy and Derpy Hooves is best pony!
    168 Equestria in Zachamanastan - Zach Greenhill

    While I don't have a very large collection I take pride in what I do have. P.S. Zachamanastan is the country I made up.
    169 My Little Pony Friendship is Magic pony collection - xX2WolfFeather1Xx

    I know it's not that much, but I'm proud of it none the less. ^^
    170 MasteroftheContinuum's Noble Amassment of Ponies - Christopher Eltman

    Additional pictures for entry are in the description, also in my gallery folders; separated by posters, cards, shirts, and general items
    171 Pony Collection - BND

    Much more than this is found in the album link; be sure to check it out!
    172 A Simple Tucson Pony Collection - Jordan Jacobs (Caramel Swirl)

    Collection includes -40 Blind bag Ponies -Rarity Stained Glass Piece ([link]) -2 Limited edition hasbro posters -COMPLETE My Little Pony Trading Card Set. (Excluding limited edition enter play promos) -1 Brushable Trixie -1 Brushable Pinkie Pie -1 Set of Blind Bag Ponies -1 McDonalds Applejack -Trading Card Pakage Box, and other packaging. (Not in the Picture 3 MLP We love Fine Tees, 1 DVD, and 1 Wonderbolts we love fine jacket) I also have close up shots of the Collection in my DA gallery.
    173 My Family :3 - Kitty

    Love and Tolerate the G3's! :D
    174 One Of The World's Largest Pony Collections - Cayci

    If you would like more detail/video of stuff in the room it can be provided.
    177 My Little Pony: Collecting Is Magic - Krystyna Voris

    I have been collecting for a few months, I still feel this is more of a G4 collection with a huge amount of G3's to go with it (I tried putting G3's in the background). Rarest items are in the center.
    178 Pony Pony Pony - Auryn, Innate, and Rosa

    Usually our mantle is full of Pokémon, ponies, Avengers and Sonic toys, but we cleared out everything else to make room for the pony invasion!
    179 Kalie's Pony Collection - Kalie

    I have amassed my collection through trades, gifts, commissions, and conventions. :) I hope you like it. :D
    180 Pony collection - Justin Blum

    There are more pictures on the face book album if you want to see them. 

    182 - sssolifuge

    Pictured: the entirety of wave 1 blindbags, brushables of all the mane 6 and CMC, a coveted SF ComicCon Derpy Hooves, a Vinyl Scratch t-shirt, the Royal Pony Wedding DVD, a WeLoveFine giant bag thingy with Dash on it, and a signed copy of Battle Kittens by FiM character designer Rebecca Dart.
    183 Busy Day in Ponyville - moltres93

    Entering the 'most creatively displayed' category! Please read the artist's description on the DeviantArt submission for more info on this display, and a story to go with it!
    185 My Little Pony Collection - Tiffany E.

    On my DeviantArt page there are two images of my collection. One includes my Pinkie Pie cosplay, but I was unsure if this could be considered part of my collection so there is one without me in it. The link provided is to the one with the cosplay. My collection includes handmade clay chubbies, a crocheted Pumpkin Cake and Pinkie Pie, and a customized Octavia figure. I hand-painted the display case to reflect scenery from MLPFIM. Thank you for considering my entry! - Tiffany
    186 Huzzah! The Pony Collection has been Doubled! - richfiles

    Well, here's my collection. Stored, it takes 5 massive boxes, 1 small box, a large bag, and then there's the stuff I keep out on display. I don't have many customs, but they are my own customs, and I need to finish them... /)_- The DA and YouTube pages have the most details, so go there I guess. Also... Best. Captcha. Ever. "thou armanub" Gamer Luna approves!
    187 MLP FIM Collection 2011-2012 - Asukatze

    I am a brony since 2011 and here you can see my collection. i am really proud of my selfmade stuff like my lamp and the cosplay. but i also love the original hasbro stuff like the brushable toy and the blind bag figures. i wish all members good luck and i look forward to see all the great collection pictures. <3 i="i">
    188 all my ponies - samantha hawn

    The cutie in the middle is Luna and she's 3 years old. Yes, thats her real name, and I can provide proof for all the nay-sayers :-P Items missing include a full set of pink blind bag ponies, and almost a full deck of the trading cards (those are tucked away for actual collecting)
    189 Crazyredemu's collection - Russell E Womack III

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3HukvchFr4 Have a video cause I can't fit it all in one photo lol
    190 - Mary Ashton

    Everything but my 8 shirts and my belt. I regret that i couldn't get a closer picture. Still, in this picture is 114 items (not including the ~145 cards, standees, and tattoos that I have in the binder).
    191 Angel Beat's Little Pony Collection - Mario Kuiken

    It's nothin' fancy, but should be acceptable.
    192 Ren Haru's MLP Collection - Ren Haru

    I hope doing an album was okay, but if not then I guess either the first or second picture will suffice. As I'm typing this I'm starting to realize that I forgot a few things, like the train, my t-shirts, some pins... but overall I got most of my collection down. Oh, and if anyone is interested in the last two pictures of perler bead ponies, I made them myself, and here is a link to my shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ThePerlerPony
    193 RPM1337's Pony collection - Taylor Parkinson

    4 blankets, one pillow, two large plushies, three smaller plushies, 2 mini itsy bitsy plushies, (all hand made) one hand altered hoodie, one hand made hat, 110 cards (one in a lanyard behind a pinkie pie), one brony necklace, 2 bracelets, one pinkie pie shot glass, 9 key chains, 33 brushables, castle play set, rc car, 4 posters, countless blindbags (meaning I don't want to count them ^_~) with cards, and... I think that's it. ^_^
    194 - Silver_Rain

    The Friendship Express DVD in the lower right corner is the original version with the audio sync error, and the one in the top right is the corrected version, along with the envelope it was sent in.
    195 Applejack Bonanza - Andrew Hydock

    This is my Applejack collection so far and it's only going to get bigger! I've been collecting since the end of season 1 and have amassed this collection with what very little income I've had available. I hope you all will enjoy my collection as much as I do. Thanks much for looking!
    196 - Felicia Schuman

    This was taken on my living room couch and took about 45 minutes to put together. A Princess Celestia beach towel is draped over the cushions. The back centerpiece is a Discord print signed by John de Lancie. In the background are three coloring books, a box of valentines, the two DVDs and the Wal-Mart posters. On the couch itself are 29 blind bag figures, the basic Mane Six figures, two t-shirts, and 11 Happy Meal toys with all the cards from the blind bag figures scattered throughout. A Twilight Sparkle plushie is resting on two couch pillows to join the herd and complete the collection.
    197 - GreyCapstan

    199 Richard