• Sun and Moon: A Pony Strategy Game

    Sun and Moon is a game created by Dave Bryant with the intent of providing Equestria with its own analog to chess, xiangqi, and the litany of other abstracted ancient war games of our world. In it, two players take on the role of Celestia and Luna during the War of the Royal Pony Sisters, emulating the conflict that ultimately lead to the latter's banishment to the moon.

    The goal of the game is to position your pieces so that the opposing princess is unable to move without being captured, allowing you to claim victory and save the world or plunge it into eternal night, as your fancy strikes. Featuring simple rules and multiple unique piece types with widely varying abilities, Sun and Moon offers fast and engaging game play with suitable depth to reward players willing to take the time to analyze discover new strategies, while still being accessible to beginners.

    I've spent the last couple of days playing with it, and I'm impressed with the polish of the rules. Getting to determine your initial board placement for yourself each time gives the game more of a tabletop war games vibe (a la Warhammer or Chainmail, if you're familiar with either), and the movement rules offer plenty of chances to pull of some awesome gambits. My recommendation? Give it a try!

    The rules and board can be found here. Find a friend and play a game or two for yourself. Leave a comment! Better yet, get crafting and make your own fully realized game board! No matter what you try, I'm pretty sure you'll have a good time.