• Nightly Roundup #450

    You guys asked for Rarity so have some Rarity for tonight's header! She sure can make any fashion look good can't see?

    News time you guys! Check it out after the break and leave a suggestion for tomorrow night's header!

    Brony Health Group Seeking Help!

    The people behind the Brony Weight Loss Group (now branded the Brony Health Group) are currently looking for some people to help them with their new website! Details are below:

    There's a new project on the rise from the Brony Health Group! (Formerly known as the Brony Weight Loss Group) There is currently a website being made for the group with a focus on inspiring the Brony fandom to get/stay on the path of physical, mental and emotional health.

    The problem us we don't currently have any writers! So if you know your stuff in health, nutrition, physical activity, or even fashion why not submit an application to the BHG? All you have to do is send an email saying you're interested and we'll go from there.

    Please email me at: [email protected]

    CBC Radio Talks About Bronies!

    More ponies in mass media today! Looks like that's the in thing to do this past week. Tweeted by Michelle Creber herself it is certainly worth a look if you've got some spare time!

    Curious About Bronies?

    Possible WoW Pony Reference?

    Someone sent us the above screencap of a NPC from the new WoW expansion who happens to have an unusual last name. Not only that but he's a brewer that deals with cider as well! Pony reference or not? You decide! After all, pony references have already been made in Diablo 3 which is also from Blizzard.

    Applejack Shots!

    Now this is a bar I'd most certainly visit! Looks like some pony themed drinks have snuck into a bar somewhere. I wonder what goes into an Applejack themed drink anyway?

    Planned Event for Season 2 Finale in Surrey

    Much like in the States when the Royal Wedding premiered here, it looks like Europe is starting to get a somewhat similar treatment. This scan of an official pony magazine sent into us shows a planned event to be held in Surrey on November 1st! If you're in the area and are interested keep an eye on the look out for an entry form.

    Past Sins Print Project Update - Dust Jacket Revealed!

    Testing. Testing. 1. 2. 3. Print Testing. The Illustrious Q here with an
    update on the Past Sins Print Project from Equestria Publications. It is
    my pleasure to announce that a very important milestone has been reached
    for the project. However, rather than tell everyone what it is, the team
    decided that it would be prudent to actually show everyone what the big
    announcement is.

    Interior One

    Interior Two

    Back Cover

    Yes fellow bronies, the dust jacket cover has been test printed and has
    turned out gloriously! For those who would like to sign up to receive a
    copy of Past Sins, unfortunately the sign up period for definitely
    getting the book has ended. But, the wait-list is open, waiting for
    signers who could drop out at the last minute, is currently very small,
    and dropped spots will be filled from the wait list on a first come
    first filled basis. *hint hint* To sign up for the wait-list please head
    to http://www.equestriapublications.org

    Last, But Not Least, Cake!


    Canterlot Voice - Episode 13

    Copy Paste:

    Howdy, Canterlot! Quite a lot happening this week, am I right or am I right?

    It's been a long time coming, but it's about time we sit down and talk about the important things in life, my friends.

    Like cartoon ponies and pony cartoons. I mean what else?

    And the Temptress Came Unto Her Audio Book

    Audio Book Link


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    WoW Guild Looking for More

    Copy Paste:

    Server: US-Arathor (PvE)
    Faction: Alliance
    Guild: <Friendship is Magic>
    Joining: In-game message or mail to Littlepip (GM), or the officers Pokeypierce, Defahn, Asheras, Twlitesprkle, BraƩburn, Soarin, or Octavia.

    <Friendship is Magic> is recruiting for Mists of Pandaria! Come join the largest Brony guild on WoW. We will raid, quest, party, and do a little PvP on the side.

    Portland, Oregon Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Some bronies from the 'Oregon Bronies' fb page have been talking about having a meetup on Oct 12th at Pioneer square mall around noon.
    We're trying to include bronies who aren't just in the fb group and get as many as we can going. This idea was formed only a few hours ago, but it's looking like we've already got some ponies interested.

    FB event link: http://www.facebook.com/events/347885445302765/ (Anyone can join)

    Oregon Bronies Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/orbrony/376590302411795/?notif_t=group_comment (Must be approved to join)


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Rainbow Dash Hat
    Princess Luna Acrylic Painting