• How to Submit to Equestria Daily

    --Submit everything aside from Fanfiction to [email protected]!--

    We all see this address and will respond from it. If you want to reach an individual blog author:

    Note: Send only personal inquires and questions to these emails unless instructed otherwise. Submissions sent to them can get lost or are responded to much slower than if sent to [email protected]
    Who are these people, anyway? See this post to find out! 

    Update: December 18 - Optional Include Twitter account with news submission for credit! 

        General Information

        • It is acceptable to submit your own work, don't be bashful! If we don't know about your awesome creation we can't post about it.
        • We receive many emails a day from a variety of sources. If you don't receive an email from us in response to your submission, please don't assume we ignored you. Not all messages will receive replies! 
        • Patience! While we do queue a lot of things for the blog it doesn't mean they will be posted instantly. Some things submitted may take up to a week or more to be posted, especially in the case of compilations. 
        • Generally, it's best to avoid things that are over 2 Weeks Old, especially on Youtube. Chances are it has already been posted or reviewed over that age. 

        • Please read the rules before submitting!  They have been updated. Stories that do not follow them will be deleted.
        • Head on over to the Submission Form to send your NEW story in for review.  
        • Story UPDATES should be sent to [email protected], with a link to the story on Equestria Daily, and the link to your new chapter with the number included.  Include STORY UPDATE in the email subject line.
        • UPDATE 2: Audio Books head to this post for details. 

            Pictures and Comics 

            Generally everything is allowed. Try to preface your email with COMIC or ART. Also try to include in your email the source link of the picture or comic if you can, preferably from DeviantArt if that is an option.
            • No porn.
            • No gore.
            • Entries that don't make it won't always receive a refusal message

                Plushies, Crafts, Cosplay, Customs

                In regards to plushie, craft, and custom submissions, please preface your emails with either Plushie, Craft, Custom, or Cosplay when submitting. Please provide a source link with your email if you can, preferably from DeviantArt.
                • Customs are created from modified official merchandise. If your piece falls under this criteria, please send it in with the Custom tag in the subject line.
                • Crafts extend to everything outside of modified merchandise and plushies. If your piece fits that criteria, please send it in with the Craft tag in the subject line.
                • Plushies include everything from standard plushies, needle felt, crotchet, ect. If your piece fits this criteria, please send it in with the Plushie tag in the subject line.
                • Cosplay is handled a bit differently, but feel free to send in pictures of people dressed as ponies regardless. 
                General Hints and Tips for Submission
                • When submitting, try to submit only clear and well lit pictures. Blurry and dim pictures detract from your piece and may end up in it being rejected despite the quality of the work.
                • Please try to submit pictures that don't have watermarks on them. If you want to keep a watermarked image on your official gallery that is fine, but please include with your submission a copy of the non-watermarked image.

                PMV's, Music, Animation

                These will end up in the media section of the blog. (New: For albums, see this post)
                • No porn
                • No Gore
                • Oc ponies are fine 
                • (New!) Music MUST include a genre! (TEMPLATE: Vocal / Instrumental / Remix - Genre)
                • Entries that don't make it won't always receive a refusal message
                • Youtube/Vimeo/Deviant Art links only. No other embeds, or direct files.
                • EQD only takes pony music.  This can be inspired by pony in the case of an instrumental piece.   

                News, Merchandise, and Everything Else

                We miss a lot of news, so it's a huge help when you guys send us something newsworthy. We honestly don't mind if three hundred people send us the same news- just go for it! Just try to preface your email with NEWS or INTERESTING THING.

                Please, don't send download links though. Upload your stuff somewhere to stream or play it directly.

                OPTIONAL Update: When you do submit, if you would like us to credit a Twitter account, feel free to include one.  Do note though that this will only apply to the person that submits something first so be quick!

                Where do I send things?!

                Didn't you read the top of the post?

                --Submit everything aside from Fanfiction to [email protected]!--