• High-Res Pony Icon Set

    Just in case covering your desktop with the desktop ponies and having your wallpapers continuously rotate through your folder of six and a half dozen awesome pony wallpapers wasn't enough pony on your computer, now you can convert every feasible icon your programs use into these high-quality pony icons, too.

    Speaking of which, at the rate pony is completely taking over the world, I wouldn't be surprised if Intel and AMD released hardware support for pony in the next few years. How cool would that be? You'd have direct chip-level acceleration of all pony games, applications, and episode playback. Let's take that one step further; how about a dedicated pony chip required on all logic boards? The show would be so ubiquitous by that point that it would just make good business sense to include such a thing.

    You can find spikeslashrarity's icon set here, on DeviantArt.

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