• Story Submission Guidelines

    Thank you for considering Equestria Daily as the future home of your hard work. We’re honored that you want to showcase your story with us. In order to maximize your chances of getting published here, take the following rules to heart (really, they’re not as horrid as you’d think!):

    1) Edit your submission before sending it in.

    Submissions containing significant numbers of grammatical, mechanical, and/or spelling errors will be returned unread with a strike (see Rule 4). Also: please do not rely on the pre-readers for editing services or in-depth feedback. As we are uncompensated volunteers, we simply do not have the time or capacity to help every author improve their work.

    2) Ensure your story meets our length requirements.

    • — Multi-parters: 3,000+ words overall at submission time.
    • — One-shots (complete, one-part stories): 2,500+ words.

    3) We will not accept the following:
    • — X-rated content, including sexually transgressive or gorey stories
    • — Incest, foalshipping beyond a schoolyard crush, and other broad cultural taboos
    • — Humanized/anthro stories
    • — Avoid people from the fandom, famous or otherwise.
    • — Copy-paste stories (e.g. The text of Harry Potter with character names swapped out)
    • — Stories written in a language other than English
    • — No stories involving bronies.  -Human in Equestria on the other hand is alright.  
    • — No compilations of short stories.

    4) We have a three-strike rule.


    5) Take a look at our Editor’s Omnibus.

    The first four points above are non-negotiable; we just highly recommend this last one. The Omnibus is a continuously updated guide that covers the common pitfalls and oversights of many novice authors, and even some more experienced writers might find some use from it. Give it a once-over and see if its words might help yours before you send us that email.

    6) Rejection based on other reasons

    Due to the ever-changing nature of fanfiction and the fandom as a whole, the pre-readers can and do reject things based on necessity.  Overpopulated crossovers, tropes that have been done way too many times.  EQD is primarily here to spotlight the best and most original stuff, we are not specifically a fanfiction website. 

    Does your fic meet all the requirements? Now go submit it!