• Story: Blue Moon

    [Crossover][Sad] Luna and Fallout?  That's the wildest combo ever!  I'm pretty sure Luna stories are default awesome judging by the 20 five star stories in her part of the archive.... but can she survive a nuclear crossover?

    Author: Bongo
    Description: Nuclear bombs have struck Equestria and the world is plunged into a nuclear winter. Princess Celestia is soon sick with radiation poisoning while trying to protect her smaller sister, Princess Luna. The great emotional intake is starting to take its toll on Princess Luna, as her world starts to grow darker and darker with sadness and grief... Based off the apocalyptic nuclear wasteland of Fallout: New Vegas. Best read when listening to Frank Sinatra's Blue Moon.
    Blue Moon

    Additional Tags: Fallout: New Vegas, flashback, nuclear radiation, Frank Sinatra, Blue Moon

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