• Discussion: What are your views on fanfiction...?

    Now I know a good amount of you have no interest in fanfiction at all, but everyone is free to comment here.

    Lately I have seen yet another influx of fan fiction...  some good, some bad.  It's difficult to not just spam the front page with it.

    I'm thinking of limiting it a bit further.  I have been lenient with a lot of this stuff, mainly because I don't want to alienate anyone from contributing to the community as a whole... but lately it seems like people are just sending in rough drafts with hopes of getting feedback and editing once they are posted. The pre-readers have done an awesome job of filtering all of this stuff, which is clearly shown by how many 5 star fics I have been tossing into the archive lately. 

    (More After the Break)

    There are a few options here, and obviously feel free to add new ones in the comments below.

    1.) I could create a side website, send all stories there for feedback, then spotlight the good stuff here.  Fanfiction.net and Deviant Art already seem fine for this, but maybe something specified to pony.

    2.) Someone can set up another writers workshop over on ponychan, preferably someone who is good with editing.  

    3.) I can continue doing what I do now, with heavier requirements.

    4.) I can take all "average" stories, and compile them into big fanfiction posts, while continuing to give the really good ones their own setups.

    Either way, I really cant post all 15 stories in my box right now all in separate posts.  Only ~half of us actually read the fanfics, and a lot of these could really use an editor.

    So what do you guys think?

    Anyway off to create the Friend Off post!