• Art: Drawfriend Friend Off #1

    No but seriously, I didn't plan this.

    I will be collecting entries in this post throughout the day.  If it gets too big i'll make a second post for more.

    If you reallly want to make it easy to for me to find your stuff on the threads, have "FRIENDOFF" typed somewhere so I can CTRL+F to find it quickly.

    Artists: If it is something already on the Equestria Daily, copy the link and post it with your image on /co/.  If it's not already uploaded, post the image with a link to the google docs, or archive of the story.  If you can't find any of those, link to your Art with another post with the story image.

    Writers: Post your story in google doc form/fanfiction.net/link to archive/whatever with the art you are using. Or you can post the art you are writing about with your text image so I can cut it out (though really, docs would be soo much better :p)

    #1---> Story: Sad Dash

    #2--->Story: Zecora Comic (oh god the shipping)

    #3-->Story: Dr. Whoof - Mechanical Harmony

    #6-->Story: Derpy Goes Crazy
    #7-->Story: Rainbow Pie

    #9-->Story: A Pony and Her Man

    #12-->Story: Fly Me to the Moon

    #13-->Story: For Old Times Sake

    #15-->Story: Swayback Mountain
    (SUPERHIGHRES VERSION OF THIS IMAGE: HERE) (Don't save the one below its compressed to hell)

    #16-->Story: One Problem Child

    #17-->Story: Cornsilk

    #18-->Story: Trixie Tale

    #19-->Story: Snips and Snails

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here