• Anime Expo Cosplay Meetup

    What's that? People like dressing up as ponies?  I never would have guessed!

    Apparently Anime Expo was overrun by these overly colorful...humans.   Compared to the other meetups I have posted, this is a pretty extreme amount of cosplaying.  Someone also went ahead and filmed everything.  Sadly the video is blurry, but you can still get a relatively good idea about what went on there.  You can find it here!

    Or jump on the 49 picture photo album here!

    Again, if this isn't your thing, just avoid the comments.  Some people enjoy stuff like this!

    A few more random ones after the break outside of Anime Expo. 

    DASHIEPIE (Convergence 2011) 

    Rainbow Dash Cosplay, complete with hooves

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