• Equestria Girls Reviews from Around the Internet - Positive So Far

    We spent a good amount of yesterday getting bombarded with reviews of Equestria Girls from pretty much everywhere.  The big one right now is probably the Rotten Tomatoes audience vote, with a highly positive score and a load of people rating it.  There are quite a few troll voters mixed in with people that just tossed a vote in for fun, but if you hit that specific section up, you can probably glean a few neat little tidbits of information from people that decided to give it a shot. 

    Note: Almost all of these contain massive spoilers

    Non fandom specific review:
    Unleash the Fanboy payed the movie a visit and tossed it a 4/5.  Find that one over here.

    And if you want a more pony centric voice, have some links to those too, ranging everywhere from personal Deviant Art journals to a Google doc. 

    Update: And another one from Topless Robot .

    Fandom Reviews:
    D-Pad Review
    Closer to the Sun Review
    Dsagent Review
    Leemaster Review
    Brony Clubhouse Review

    We honestly haven't been bombarded with any negative ones yet, though there are some specific scenes that rustled some jimmies.   It's entirely up to you to explore that though!

    As for future review submissions, I think we have about covered fandom side.  If you see any from non-fandom movie critics or news sources feel free to send them over.  We will keep those flowing in compilations.