• 4DE Pinkie Pie Plushie Released for Pre-Order

    4DE announced their upcoming Pinkie Pie plushie a while back, and pre-orders have finally opened up on her.  Just to refresh everyone's memory, this one is 10 inches tall and just 25 bucks.  I don't think any other company is releasing a lineup with as much show accuracy as these, so as I've said before, buy them so we can get more!

    Head on over to their store page to grab one! 

    They also have a bit of information posted up on their news feed about existing Twilight order shipments, and options for those that plan on buying both ponies.  Have some snippets from that, or go read it.
    • First wave of Twilight plushies shipping soon, be sure to keep your delivery addresses up to date.
    • You can now combine Pinkie and Twilight into one package to save on shipping, though you will need to wait for Pinkie's release if you go this route.  (Details at the news post) 
    • People that ordered multiple Twilight's will now retroactively save on shipping via combined orders.  Extra shipping charges from before will be refunded.