• Nightly Roundup #797

    I promised some Octavia so here she is in all her glory! I wonder what a concert would be like with her in it? It must be simply fantastic is all I can say!

    News time as usual guys, check it after the break.

    Tonight's Stories

    WTVY Posts Pony Fanart

    Looks like our friends at WTVY have gotten some pony fanart for their work getting pony out into the normal media! They recently posted a ponified version of their news team on their Facebook page for you guys to check out. Awesome!

    Check out the full story here!

    Yet Another Brony Article

    Yep, we seem to be getting a bunch of these this week! The site Never What You Think has a small article on the fandom that ends up being rather positive overall (from a quick skimming). Check it out at the link below.

    Check out the full story here!

    Pony in Latest Pokemon Games?

    This possible reference was sent into us today and we thought we'd let you guys judge! Those names sure do seem awfully close to Celestia and Brony to me. What do you guys think?

    Tonight's Successful Meetups

    Lunafest 2013

    Lunafest 2013 happened here in Hamburg, Germany with over 225 attendees from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With Travel distances over 800 kilometers. Some even put themselves some money together to rent a bus and bronify it, to get to this event!
    A tremendous party on over 400 cubic meters with free Drinks, BBQ, merchandise, games and of course, lots of music. Not only from out talented Djs Serano, Dark Cloud and Dark Koushirou, also from on of our communitys bagpiperplayer McKay. Not only did he perfomed renowned scottisch songs, he also performed winter wrap up.
    The Lunafest started with a cinema with various movies, and the gaming area, where Trotmania, Singing is Magic and Fighting is Magic could have been played. The Disco afterwards ended 4 o´clock with everypony exhausted or/ and wasted.
    Have a Video with some Highlights from our attendee Rariedash ( rariedash.deviantart.com), who also made Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy for Fighting is Magic, which he hosted on Lunafest with a tournament in our small group. You see some amazing talent selling their merchandise like plushies, chains, boards, glasses, art and lots more!
    Lunafest also had the combined efforts of Atalon the deer and Gray to bring you these amazing, eyeglowing Luna Heads
    Basic Head shape by Atalon the Deer atalonthedeer.deviantart.com
    everything else: Gray bronietalk.deviantart.com
    Here in action on stage

    No one had to go hungry. We not only had BBQ prepared, we also had free drinks, muffins, Cupcakes and normal cakes with Lunafest theme.
    We had a drawn picture by Fen_Fire for a lot of attendees with their own OC just for this occasion.
    Lunafest 2013 was a full success. Yes we had some hickups, but the crowd was again amazing and the party went on deep into the night. We, like out fandom, are still young and learning. We hope to achieve a even bigger festival next year for our princess of the night!
    But before I leave you. One of our community members RX1603 made a well edited music Video with Ken Aschorp – 20 percent cooler starring Icy as the Rapper. All of it was filmed on location the same night!
    Even myself, as as the organisator, am excited for the Lunafest 2014, where we put everything we learned again to the next Level and create an even better festival for this awesome community!

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    MLP Cosplay Contest at Lucca Comics

    You might know about Lucca Comics & Games ( http://www.luccacomicsandgames.com/it/2013/home/ ), a BIG convention that takes place every year here in Lucca (Italy), and attracts people from all over Europe.
    This said, I'm cooperating with Hasbro Italy to organize a couple MLP-related events, from an official meet up to - and this is the big part - an official MLP cosplay contest.

    It's going to be quite the thing, right at Hasbro stand within the convention, and it's gonna have MLP prizes for the winners.
    Date is set for sunday, November 3rd, at 11 am (the con and the meet-up will span from oct 31st to nov 3rd, if you want to report that too).
    People can partecipate by signing in thru the official Facebook event:

    Last but not least, Hasbro set up an italian version EqG projection scheduled for the same day at 3.00 pm, in a theatre nearby.

    Past Sins Project Needs Female VAs

    Hi there this is Firebolt. The casting for the audiobook of Past Sins has been going well, but we are having an extreme lack of female VAs auditioning for the project. This project has a lot of female roles to fill including the main two characters Nyx and Nightmare Moon. If you are interested here is the link to the audition doc


    As mentioned previously please send all auditions to platinuminfernolightning3@gmail.com or contact me on skype (username: matthew.woida1) and send all files in an MP3 or WAV format. Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you!

    Arkansas Brony Meetup

    Arkansas Bronies will be meeting at Laurel Park at

    2310 Robinson Avenue in Conway on the 19th of October at noon for a spooky brony celebration!

    Come join us and you have a chance to enter a raffle! Grand prize is an autograph from a VERY popular voice actor/ess from the show! Raffle tickets are $1 a piece and all funds are donated to help Obsidian Winter out. If you can't make it to the meet-up and still want to help out, you can donate at https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/pp83/helpkeepobsidianwintersfamilytogether

    For more info and to get in touch with the administrators of Arkansas Bronies, click here: https://www.facebook.com/events/166595536879148/?ref_dashboard_filter=calendar

    Much love to all of you and hope you all have a spooky Nightmare Night.
    -FlutterCliff (@Cliff_M85)

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    Brony Network Movie Night

    Halloween / Nightmare Night is just 2 weeks away and our BN Horrorfest continues to bring you more horror movies. {Schedule may change, check our steam page for news and updates}


    George A Romero: Night of the Living Dead {Rated R} 8pm Central / 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific


    George A Romero: Dawn of the Dead {Rated R}: 11pm CT / 12pm ET / 9pm PT


    Wicked Little Things {Rated R}: 10pm CT / 11pm ET / 8pm PT


    Shaun of the Dead {Rated R}: 9pm CT / 10pm ET / 7pm PT

    MLP Gameloft EqG Minigame Review

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Today In Pony History

    October 17, 2011-2012

    2011 - Hasbro releases their Q3 earnings and Nicole Oliver is interviewed.

    2012 - The Hub teases big news and the first appearances of alicorn Twilight are seen at a European brand licensing show.