• 29/66 Days of Pony - Lesson Zero

    Our first major haitus was finally over! With Discord's episodes releasing early, and it being revealed that they were technically part of the season one production all along, excitement for the future of pony was at an all time high. The question on everyone's mind - How would the show evolve as we moved on to a new season?  I don't think anyone at all expected what was about to air. 

    Lesson Zero took everything we knew about pony and injected it with 50cc's of pure adrenaline. What started off as typical Twilight Sparkle being adorkable episode,  quickly evolved into all out madness.  If Meghan wasn't solidified as "the writer that makes ponies lose their minds" after Party of One, this was the official seal of lunacy.  It didn't just stop there though.  Sonic Rainboom getting a bit old? How about we just go ahead and go nuclear with that?

    This is the episode I show people when they ask about this "pony thing", and so far I've seen some pretty amazing reactions, and even got a few people to start watching it.  Just remember to always skip that intro!  The MLP jingle is a killer!

    Get some Lesson Zero below the break.