• Hasbro's Q3 Earnings Review Transcript

    As active and engaged fans of a show, it sometimes behooves us (teehee, I'm so witty!) to pretend we're sophisticated businessponies and comb through the parent company's financial information. They make this stuff public for a reason, and it's kind of fun to speculate! Nightmare Moon and her other corporate overlords recently went over their earnings, losses, and projections, and a certain property beginning with 'My' and ending with 'Little Pony' featured somewhat prominently in the proceedings.

    I'll link the transcript at the end of this (thank you, seekingalpha.com!), but there's a lot of business talk that's either boring or not pony relevant, so here are some cliffs notes:

    - Sales of My Little Pony toys are up. This is still considered progress in their Girls' line of toys.
    - They are spending more money than before on The Hub.
    - Ratings on The Hub are at their highest ever, with Friendship is Magic as a headliner. The channel is now able to directly compete for ratings with more established Saturday programming.
    - There are going to be new pony toys in 2012
    - This seems silly to point out, but reading this transcript in its entirety really emphasized how shrewd these people are. They have a long term plan for their ponies and it is making them a ton of new money.
    - I dare you not to laugh every time one of them unironically brings up the Battleship movie.

    They never directly referenced the secondary markets in the Q&A, but with their channel doing so well and merchandise flying off the shelves, we can expect them to put a lot more time and attention into ponies in the future. See? I told you this stuff was fun.

    Q3 2011 Results Transcript