• Nightly Roundup #130.HA!

    Lock me away in your sugar mines for a month, will you Seth? I'll bet you and Cereal had a big laugh about it. Well, who's laughing now? This blog is now MINE! Hhheh...heheheheHAHAHAHA oh god my lungs. 

    Now, let's see. What was he up to? Ah, a Nightly Roundup. How cute. Well, we mustn't keep the ponies waiting for their news. Let's finish this, and do it properly this time...

    So You Think You're a Brony: Episode 9

    Goodness, how does he keep this place from catching on fire? That's not how you embed a video at all! Here you go, ponies, enjoy this discussion about Lesson Zero and other fine things:

    Polish Bronies Meet and Discover the Single Most Appropriate Meetup Location Ever
    See? I defy you to find a more fitting hangout for pony fans. Way to go, Bronies of Krakow. You hung out, you had a great time, and you taught me a valuable lesson: everypony in Poland has really nice looking coats. Bravo, all! Find some further instances of this group's shenanegans here, here, here, and here.

    German Bronies Also Gather For Fun Times

    Not to be outdone, this group from Munich also went and had themselves a wonderful time bonding over a shared of diminutive equines. In honor of their achievements, I hereby officially declare tonight to be Worldwide Meetup Night, in honor of all our entrancingly awesome friends from around the world and the good times they've been sharing. See more of them here and here.

    You Thought I Was Kidding, But Here Are Some Finnish Bronies, Too

    The hits just keep on coming! 25 pony fans showed up in Tampere, Finland to share homemade cupcakes, play pony drinking games, and catch Lesson Zero. It's really awesome to see so many gigantic meetups taking place all around. Keep it coming, guys!

    Russian Bronies Also Have a Meetup While Phoe Shakes Her Head In Amazement

    The timing of all of these is absolutely incredible. A group of 38 (!!) FiM fans in St. Petersburg got together and hung out at a restaurant before hitting up the local toy shops and scaring the ever loving crap out of the sales clerks. Sounds like fun, I have to say. Thanks, guys, for making this the best Worldwide Meetup Night ever. As a bonus, check out the pony army they assembled:

    New York Comic-Con Explodes in a Flurry of Bro-Hoofing

    Comic Con is full of a great many awesome things, but for whatever reason, ponies are not among them. Not even at the Hasbro booth. Can you imagine? Enter the highly intrepid editor-in-chief of aggrogate.com, who took it upon himself to run about the convention exchanging bro hooves with anypony and everypony he could find. I can only imagine the reactions he was given as he asked them to pose for the camera. Check out the results:
    Aggrogate Gallery

    Hunbrony Community Announces: WoW Server

    There's a whole world out there, you know? A world of warcraft, some say. Smarminess aside, this group here is looking for players and donations to set up an international WoW server. It looks like things are still in the formulating stages, but to this point they are offering "blizzlike" server rates (I don't know what this means, but I assume you as savvy MMORPG players do), and are in the process of debugging but claim perfect instance operation. They've also got plans to open a realm for every language, which sounds kind of nice. But rather than confuse myself with this mystical space talk further, I'll just drop you this link and move on.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Found to Contain Bronies

    I have been asked to plug this Black Ops clan to give them some exposure. Though not a patron of the game myself I have been known to employ stealthy assassins of the night, so I can appreciate the plight of these noble warriors. If you happen to own a Playstation 3 and a copy of Black Ops and you want to hang out with pony fans while shooting them, I believe this would be the place for you. This is perhaps the strangest endorsement ever handed out.

    Forza 4 Car Club Also Available

    Perhaps you don't like Call of Duty. Or PS3s. Maybe you like cars on Xboxes. Well if so, I've got a treat for you! Gearshift, the mastermind of this little group wrote up a little blurb to hand out all the joining info, so I'll just step aside for a moment and let him take care of that:

    Car Club Name: Blank Flank Racers
    Desc: A Car Club for ALL MLPFIM Fans and Bronies alike. Come join our ranks and race with other racers from around the globe. Create cool custom artwork for your car and share it with the club! If you have a Microphone and/or headset, share your opinions and join the discussion of horsepower and "Horse" power. All are welcome to join.

    How To Join: It's simple to Join! If you have Xbox Live, just send a message to the Gametag listed below and I will add you to the Club.

    Gamertags to message: RavenShadow52

    (Humanized) Ponies Make Cameos in Another Webcomic

    The Chosen Ones is a series by Garret Gilchrist about people saving the world from aliens. If that name sounds familiar, it's because this is the same guy who makes those absurdly awesome Brony Coloring Books that feature all the awesome nonogram puzzles. Somewhat recently a couple of Equestrians managed to sneak into a panel or two, and because this guy is awesome you should really go see:

    Instance 1
    Instance 2
    Instance 3

    10 New Pages of Pony Coloring Book Available for Download!

    Speak of the devil, Mr. Gilchrist has released ten new pages in his series of coloring/activity books, which are known in some circles to be among my favorite things ever. As always, these are extremely well put together images that are fun for when you feel like occupying your time with mindless art time or for sharing ponies with the younger members of your family. This batch features sea pony Lyra and Scootaloo (the chicken of the sea), so go and check it out!

    A New Pony RP Board Seeks Members

    Luna's Castle is a new FiM message board associated with the New Lunar Republic Steam Community. I called it an RP board above, but really it's just a place for all you Luna fans to hang out and... loon, I guess. Is that what you do? I really have no idea. They're still trying to get themselves off the ground, so be nice and go bolster their ranks. Looning is no fun without friends, probably!

    Colorado State University Brony Looking For Group

    Just like it says above, a student at Colorado State University is tired of being the only brony he knows, and is reaching out to the rest of you hiding in the area. If you're reading this and belong to the university (or at least live near it), go leave him a message on this very spartan Facebook page and start talking to each other about potential meetups.

    Pony Clocks Confirmed for Most Accurate Time Pieces
    From pony o'clock to pony o'clock, this thing never misses a beat. We should all be so lucky as to have one on our wall.

    Phoe Is The Most Beautiful and Wisest Blogpony of Them All

    And don't you go forgetting it. You have a nice night now, my faithful subjects. Sleep tiiiiiiight~

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