• Discussion: Pony Dreams

    So. Dreams. Dreams about ponies. With all of the influence ponies seem to have on our conscious brains, it seems only natural that sooner or later they would seep into our unconscious thoughts as well. I've been told this is a really popular topic of discussion on Ponychan, so I thought that it might be fun to play with it here, as well.

    Let's discuss, then! As for myself, I remember very vividly a dream where I woke up on the couch and suddenly was a pony. It was extremely surreal and full of panic moments, such as wondering how I was supposed to pick up my fiancee at the airport when I could no longer grip the steering wheel of my car (or reach the pedals!), and then again when I realized I would have to quit EqD and spent the next I'm not sure how long trying to nudge my laptop open with my nose to tell Seth. It was an amazingly vivid experience, and I can even still remember the tactile sensations of things like a blanket brushing up against a wing. My brain does weird things to me sometimes. But what about you guys? Have you dreamed about ponies? What sort of dreams did you have? How did they feel, and what did you think about them? If you could pick one to have, what kind of dream would you want?

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