• Music: I'm Tardy! // TACTICAL RAINUKE // Rarity's Song

    That episode really was absolutely fantastic.

    Have some more music!

    1.) I'm Tardy!
    3.) Rarity's Song


    1. I love the first one!

    2. I was watching number two at first, it made me think that this was a PMV post. Baschfire's comment in the video says it all. Good music though!

    3. 1: I was expecting a ponified version of that one song that goes "they're coming to take me away (he he), they're coming to take me away (ha ha)

      2: Needs moar announcer voice saying the line.

      3: Meh.

      Kind of wish the rainnuke came before the RD vs Starscream Death Battle.

      I suppose it would have been a game breaker though, even more than the buck a neer blaze or the rainboom.

    4. Dr.Dissonance always makes good stuff I like this one.

    5. 1. Love this... you and your dodgy time signatures!
      3. This sounds horribly classical... I LOVE IT!!

    6. #1 would have been very fitting to play during Twilight's mental breakdown.

      Loved #3, rarely is there any classical music made in this fandom! I would 1love to hear more like this.

    7. As brilliant as the altered Pinkamena image into Psycho Sparkle is, i have to ask WHY?

      Why is my adorable Twilight turning into the next Cupcakes? Please, my bronies, keep her pure and untouched by such things. :(

    8. I feel like I've heard #3 before, in other classical piano music.

    9. As a fan of classical music, I heavily approve of the third movie :D

      The others are great too though!

    10. I absolutely adore these music posts, found so many amazing songs via these :D

    11. That episode really was creepy as hell. I honestly think I could read 'Cupcakes' now and not flinch.

      What has MLP done to my sense of fear?

      I should've watched these before commenting. Yeah... I'll be right back...

    12. #1 That was a kinda interesting tune. I liked it, though I was kinda disappointed when I discovered no sound clips thrown in of Twilight saying she would be tardy. :(

      #2 When this one initially started playing, I thought my computer or the browser was lagging a lot. lol Song was alright, Baschfire of course. The video, well... the song was alright. "I really like her mane!" ;P

      #3 Liked this one, even though I'm not the biggest piano fan. But I thought it was pretty good. Clinton seems to approve as well. lol

    13. The first song was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. I loved it. And the synths were extremely high quality. (I'm assuming they're synths, anyway.... not even sure one way or the other, which is a good thing) OMG, I can't tell you how much I loved that piece. Chaotic yet restrained. That takes a lot of talent.

      The second piece was kinda cool, but a little bit boring. Not bad though!

      As for the third.... well... I can't really comment. :) ...except to say thanks for posting it! And thanks for the kind comments, mah bronies!

    14. Hm I don't know why but I think too much fan service can be bad thing for this show

    15. Hey everyone, Dr Dissonance here!

      Thank you all for the kind words, the amount of praise for this came as a bit of a shock, because it is massively dissonant and I've found a lot of people going 'ewwww' to dissonance...=P
      So, here's some musical knowledge about the piece, for anyone interested:

      I'm Tardy! (hee hee hee) is in 13/16!
      It has 3 basic ideas going for it: Chromaticism, Augmented Chords and a constant ascending or descending idea based upon the Shepard Tone! (although, badly done)
      It is in a very vague Arch Form!

      Enjoy, fact fans! And thanks again!

    16. @Dr D, this sounds like something out out of Psychonauts. Did you take any cues from there?

    17. @moocow1452
      I'm ashamed to say I haven't played that game...the moment it's discounted on Steam though, I will! (I am stingy)

    18. Gotta disagree about the episode being remotely close to "fantastic." Was funny, but had nothing else going for it.

      Re: music.

      1. Nice and insane.

      2. Actually quite like this one. It's got a good tense feel.

      3. Eh, it's ok. Doesn't quite say "rarity" to me but works well enough. Honestly I'd associate it with the upper class twits in manehatten or the gala before rarity.

    19. #3 seems to scream Rarity to me. Absolutely love it!

    20. @bunyipofdoom

      Tons of people go "ewwwww" to dissonance. Probably why a lot of popular radio tunes stick to major chords and little dissonance where as most non-radio friendly bands (like Mastodon) stick to minor chords and very heavy dissonance.

    21. Oh and forgot to mention, I liked it...A LOT!

    22. Doc D's dissonant I'm Tardy is delightful! Downloaded!

    23. #1 is just freaking awesome! the composition is flawless and the samples are perfect.

      #2 slow mo + some random music = 500 subs, man give me a break

    24. inb4 "I don't FEEL tardy!"


      Right, sorry. Love #1 to crazy pieces.

    25. i thought of Raritys song being "Material Girl" lol

    26. NOW I remember where I heard #1's opening woodwind:

    27. #1 Dissonance.. Never truly appreciated that music.

      #3 Feels like the strings could've been done better, or just left as a piano waltz.

    28. Rarity's song is best.

    29. 1. Creeeeeepy...

      2. LOL nice.

      3. Very Regal.